Album Review

Dementia And Hope Trails – Ethereal Hurt (Dynamo Sound Collective, 2011)

Dementia And Hope TrailsDead (Dynamo Sound Collective)

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Justin Marc Lloyd’s (Pregnant Spore, Sensible Nectar, Rainbow Bridge, etc) deep resonant hum of a tape. Slow moving swells of mourning bliss, a profound guitar drone that seeps far into your body. Sadness prevails on “Dead.” It moves slow, sweeps wide, and rises buy cialis auckland with honor, following the contemporary maximum-minimalism. “Go” stays the dense static course but soars through stormy clouds. Powerfully trance inducing and gorgeous as fuck. Absolutely massive in depth & volume, making itself aurally erogenous. Euphoric on every level. A++. A c20 is far too short for this kind of shit.