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Double Awake – Foundlings (Slow Blood, 2012)

Double AwakeLost Word (Slow Blood)

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Double Awake (Will Mayo) has a new tape and a new label. As Slow Blood, he’s been booking amazing noise/psych/drone shows at Great Scott & O’Brien’s. Now Slow Blood is officially a label with Foundlings being its number one. And this thing is a fucking synth massacre. All live and done entirely on a Realistic MG-1, these tracks are insane. The first is a side long piece sounding like guitar feedback loops, repeated & echoed in a slightly tense/disturbing way, taking a long time to build but once it does, its a dense swirling cloud of black dreams. The B side has a couple of tracks that are fucking bonkers. One starts out all innocent and New Agey, old school warped & jumbly synth melodies and then flies into the heart of the storm where it drops out and goes pure red, grit & static bursts of the most pleasurable variety. The tape finishes off with a piece that’s weird even for DA. He blurs vocals and synth on here, making sounds that seem like you’re in a factory with gurgling air pipes screaming hot steam, almost like industrial beat boxing or something, super awesome, bizarreness abound, ends with him turning into a howler monkey and yelling like a madman while the world crumbles around him. It’s called “War Poem (For Tristan Tzara)” so it kinda makes sense. Kind of. Best of all, pay what you want for this sucker. Or drop a mere $6 for the physical embodiment of Slow Blood’s hard work.