Album Review

Kamil Kowalczyk – Aurora (Prototyp Produktions, 2011)

Kamil KowalczykPlasma

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Kamil Kowalczyk isn’t really a name… yet. He’s put out some work on the Zenapolae net label under a few different monikers including Machine Thoughts and Maszyna_02, but this is Kowalczyk’s first release under his newly formed label. His physical debut, Aurora, is some looong minimal space drone that’s a fantastic way to get noticed.

This is some seriously minimal stretched out hypno ambience, with the first of two tracks clocking in at over a half hour. “Model II” is space, being trapped in the nearly empty nothing. All that you have is the slow hum of your life support as you float past bubbling arpeggios & muffled stardust. Hidden mechanical surges and clicks disturbing your cryogenic trance as the hum shifts gears. Very little going on, a glacial electronic flow with all the right subtleties. The second track, “Plasma,” is only slightly less longer at 25 minutes, but it picks up the pace a little bit. Instead of meandering in the ether, you’ve been sucked into the orbit of a haunted sunless planet. A bass pulse from beyond, unnerving highs setting the scene for impending terror. Still minimal as fuck, but plenty of weird shit going on, layers of buzzing & throbbing, a static slow-mo bad dream.

Aurora is all about the space drone. This is probably the one record that most embodies the genre. It’s a massive planar slumber, no destination, just infinite drift in sci-fi silence. Really hoping Kowalczyk keeps up with the long form ’cause this record is fuckin sweet. Everyone take heed.