Album Review

Keroaän – Daunting In Its Variousness: First In A Suite Of An Indeterminate Number Of Pieces (Copy For Your Records, 2011)

KeroaänUntitled (excerpt) (Copy For Your Records)

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Wow. Just… fucking wow. This is awesome. Reed Evan Rosenberg and Ian M. Fraser have created a musical AI by “implementing XENAKIS’S Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis.” That means this shit wrote itself. A computer composed this. And this is INSANE. Crazy computer noise that borders on unlistenable, except for the fact that it’s totally fucking listenable. Sounds of all sorts in here, helium struggling to escape from balloons, metal coins scraping against hard plastic, hail storms & train wrecks, avalanches & atomic bombs, DIY prop plane motor whir, NES consoles aflame, ancient computer hardware disintegrating before your eyes, even a brief techno interlude. Absolute aural destruction. Daunting In Its Variousness is a goddamn workout and a half. 100% intense & 200% amazing. And apparently the live show is just as nuts, “lasers, strobe lighting, and fog synched to both audible and structural qualities of the music as an infinitely morphing chorus of digital voices croon, cry, scream and everything in between.” FUCK these dudes need to send their genius computer on tour and hit up Boston stat.