Concert Review

Mark Fell, Ricardo Donoso at Middlesex Lounge

Twin Stars: husband/wife visuals team (Linda Aubry & Michael T. Bullock)

Ricardo Donoso: playing new material from Progress Chance (which if you don’t remember I’M IN LOVE WITH), potentially one of the best sets of the year, first song in he fucking melted the speakers, literally. He only got to play about a song and a half before one of the speakers couldn’t handle the Donoso Dream and sounded like it wanted to die. Since the speaker couldn’t get its shit together, Ricardo cut the set short by about, oh, 95%. MEGA-EST BUMMER :(

Mark Fell: techno glitch destruction, absolutely insane, owning the whole fucking room, breakdancing crew formed a circle and went to town, showing off their hottest while Fell teased them with second long rhythms, a suited up Justin Timberlake lookin motherfucker tweaked out and danced sexy seizure style, people walking into the club dressed to the nines ready to get their mid-week freak on giving each other the most ghastly looks when hearing what kind of non-danceable awesomeness Fell was spewing, definitely the coolest show Non-Event & Basstown have graced Boston with this year

Twin Stars

Ricardo Donoso

Mark Fell