Album Review

Parashi – Fellow Traveler (Ghetto Naturalist Series, 2011)

ParashiThe Baron (Ghetto Naturalist Series)

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The solo project from Mike Griffin, the dude who runs Skell, that’s a meth fueled synth abduction nightmare. Boiling acid cauldrons and ringing dog whistles swirling in a constant state of paranoia. An incessant insanity on the outer layer that blurs your ears to all the abrasive minutiae crawling around underneath. Crashing & banging, clicking & squeaking, urgent but not chaotic, living in the moments before the beast buried under Terror Mountain breaks loose. Droning walls of vertigo inducing synth with static wind carrying air raid sirens across the globe. It hurts, it’s unsettling, it is by no means pleasurable, and it is totally fucking rad.