Joburg Jam

Nick “Pogo” Bertke has some lofty goals that would produce some seriously amazing results if he’s able to follow through. Deeply inspired by films like the Qatsi trilogy and Baraka, he wants to travel the world to record sounds & video from every major culture, creating a song song & video for each like “Joburg Jam” below, culminating in a CD & DVD release. Clearly, that’s going to take a shitton of money, so he’s got a Kickstarter going.

His style is something along the lines of Secret Mommy and a poppier, more song-oriented version of Sam Hamilton’s The Sound Of The Free Trade Zones. Super awesome stuff. I really hope he gets the whole project funded! The first stop is Tibet, where he wants to record monks chanting and singing bowl meditation and all sorts of amazing shit.

via TDW