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VIDEO PREMIERE: Joe Clark – Sleeptalker



You might not have heard of Joe Clark yet, nor even the label releasing his new tape, Throw Me In The Susquehanna on Glowing Window Recordings, but that’s probably all gonna change real quick because Joe is that fucking good and Glowing Window has already put out some insanely awesome tapes. Joe Clark is out of Rochester, NY, he’s been messing around as the guitarist in post-hardcore band Druse, but this is (as far as I can tell) his first solo release, and it’s absolutely fucking glorious, a dreamy guitar drone that fills every corner of the room, either with its delicate delayed whispers or its euphoric wall of static, lifting you up off the sodden floorboards and sending you straight through the roof to unnameable places, acting like a Babylon Candle for when you can only feel the place you want to be even if you can’t imagine it. Joe’s got an incredible talent for working with the loud/quiet dynamic without making it obvious or clichéd, for evoking melancholy and decay without resorting to the crumbling tape loop sound, and for nailing it 100-fucking-percent every moment of Susquehanna‘s painfully short life.

This video for “Sleeptalker” (the lead single from the tape) is a surreal haunted look into a retro-future full of half-forgotten memories and buried emotions making exquisite use of found footage that includes NASA stress tests, young lovers, missing teeth, the ocean, sky, sun, trees, and a humungous fire. Beautiful in every way.

Throw Me In The Susquehanna is coming out super soon, like, hopefully within days. There’s only 50 copies and it’s dirt cheap ($6) considering it was professionally dubbed and has pro-printed j-cards. It’s currently available for preorder on Planning For Burial’s Big Cartel page, because the man behind PFB, Thom, is the man behind Glowing Window, although I’m pretty confident you’ll be able to grab it on GW’s Bandcamp page soon enough. Speaking of which, head over there and grab the two other releases GW has available, they’re fucking AMAZZZING and you can name your own price.


Video Premier: Oikos & High Aura’d – Eveningstar



You may have heard about And Suddenly Everything, Absolutely Everything, Was There, the Utech benefit compilation, this thing’s been makin the rounds this week, and rightfully so. Kim Utech, wife of Keith Utech, of the inimitable Utech Records, recently lost her battle with breast cancer, leaving Keith and their two children to mourn and deal with life sans an integral part of it.

Artist and all around awesome dude Chris Elmore pulled together this monumental 4.5 hour compilation in a matter of weeks. It features brand new and exclusive music from the noise/drone/metal/etc scene’s greatest, who also happen to have benefited in some way or another from Keith and his label. The comp is a digital pay what you want thing on Bandcamp and every bit of it goes to the Utech Family Fund.

This video, as you might’ve guessed, is for a song on the comp, and Mr. Kolodij allowed me to premier it. It’s a fuckin killer song, as is everything Oikos & High Aura’d do, “Eveningstar” a blissful walk through the drones of heaven, and the video by Omar Mashaal is a beautifully blurry slow-mo dream that I’m fairly certain is footage of someone washing the cover to Halfway To A Threeway.

Amazing work by amazing people for an amazing reason. Love to everyone involved with this, and especially to the Utechs. Support.

Album Review

Christina Vantzou – Nº. 1 DVD & Remixes (self released, 2012)

Everyone should remember Christina Vantzou’s gorgeous Nº. 1 on Kranky last year. And if for some reason you passed over it, let me be the last to tell you that it’s fantastic. She’s one half of The Dead Texan, the other half of whom is Adam Wiltzie, one of the dudes from Stars Of The Lid. Nº. 1 is the Kranky release that got overshadowed by A Winged Victory For The Sullen, another Wiltzie duo, this time with Dustin O’Halloran. But all of this is just precursor, and only for those of you who are unaware, which I hope is few and far between.

So in addition to but separate from the Nº. 1 release on Kranky, Vantzou put out on her own a film accompaniment to the album and a slew of remixes of tracks from Nº. 1. The contributors to the remix project are an insanely awesome bunch: Koen Holtkamp, Loscil, Ben Vida, Dustin O’Halloran, White Rainbow, Robert Lippok, Ernest Gibson III, Montgomery Knott, Isan, and there’s even a new Dead Texan track at the end. All of their takes on Vantzou’s subtleties are just as grand and wonderful as Nº. 1.

And the movie is stunning (trailer is below). It’s 47 minutes, running parallel to the record, although it’s broken up into chapters that don’t necessarily coincide with songs. There’s a golden beauty to it, with lots of found footage manipulated to meet Vantzou’s high standards of quality, taking everything from large crowds to intimate portraits, expansive mountain ranges to solitary swaying trees, and adding a layer of flickering patina to make it all shine. There’s an especially peaceful segment of planes flying through the clouds, as shot from another nearby plane. Truly stunning.

The movie is only available physically through Vantzou’s site and it comes with the remixes. Or you could just knab the remixes digitally and forgo the exceptional video experience. Your choice. But I will judge you if you ignore the movie.


Watson – Adsidua

A new Watson album titled Interstices just dropped on basic_sounds today, making it the netlabel’s first full length release! And supplementing the album’s release is this super stylin video for the first track “Adsidua.” Nice glitchy ambient techno stuff, full of organic water sounds and solid beats, and the video matches it perfectly, digital geometry laid over & interacting with the analog atmosphere. Excellent eye candy and a free full length’s worth of killer tunes. Quite a way to kick off the best month of the year (the month in which yours truly arrived on the scene).


Drainolith – Lasalle Walks Out

The debut Drainolith music video directed by Angie Meng. Stark, barren, and bleak landscapes, the camera sucked in on a few shots and just wavers there like a drunkard as Drainolith repeats “Lasalle walks out” like the creepiest motherfucker ever. Weird shit. Appropriately on tour with Nate Young right now. Dates up on the Deathbomb Arc page.


Talkingmakesnosense – Coruscates

A new album by Glaswegian Talkingmakesnosense came out a couple weeks ago on Rural Colours but this video for the title track has already been around a while. Guy likes to plan ahead, I guess. Judging by this piece, though, Coruscates is gonna be a fuckin stunner.

The video is an astounding kaleidoscopic piece of brilliance, “inspired by the light phosphenes that you experience when your eyes are closed.” I see some cool stuff when I close my eyes… but nothing like this. Is there any way to fix that? Science?

The coolest part of this is that “the entire video was created by filming and affecting light reflections from the river Clyde.” It’s like watching a melting snowflake slideshow set to a glowing Mountainsy ambience. It’s beautiful visually & aurally, and it’s almost 12 minutes long so grab a chair.


Aerial Jungle – A Monsoon In Waves

Look out! Blazin hott collab comin your way. Brad Rose of thee mighty Digitalis, as well as Altar Eagle, The North Sea, Charlatan, and numerous other projects, has, yes, another project, this time with Rachel Evans of Quiet Evenings and the woozily harmonic Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. They’re calling themselves Aerial buy cialis online yahoo Jungle and they’re doing the drum beats n hazey fluttery drone pop thing with an upcoming tape Tales Of Acoustic Levitation on No Kings. “A Monsoon In Waves” takes decrepit muted colored black & white VHS footage and layers the fuck out of it, all done by Ms. Evans herself.

via TOME


Mountains – Blue Lanterns On East Oxford

New absolutely gorgeous Mountains video for “Blue Lanterns On East Oxford” shot by Koen Holtkamp himself. It starts out with some puffy sped up/slow-mo clouds, then goes to a dazzling display of abstracted water that fits the twinkling synths perfectly, then fades back to some symmetrical clouds AND OMFG IT’S MANDELBROTTT <3


High Aura’d – Dusk Latitudes

Stunned is putting out a split tape with High Aura’d (Boston bliss guitar droner) & André Foisy (half of Locrian) and it’s super fucking awesome. Until a) I get a review posted or b) the tape comes out, you can wet your lips with this excerpt of “Dusk Latitudes,” High Aura’d’s side of the magical burner.


Giles Corey – A Sleeping Heart

NEW GILES COREY SONG!! That’s all you need to know. Unless you need to know more, in which case…

Giles Corey is Dan Barrett, proprietor of Enemies List and Have A Nice Life wizard, he brings some olde dusty gloom, and in the case of “A Sleeping Heart,” he does so with a lone guitar and depressive as fuck vocals. The video goes back and forth between a bitchin retro car and Dan spilling his guts in a racquet ball court. It’s directed by Justin Donais, the same dude who made the HANL Live At The Stone DVD. The song comes from his upcoming full length debut, which is obviously one of the releases that you should be be as pumped as possible for this year.


Videodrones On The Tome

The awesome blog-bros over at Tome To The Weather Machine have successfully triumphed where I have failed in scouting out the under the radar weirdo music videos. The have won so hard that out of only three main sections, one of them is Videodrones (the other two are reviews & features). I have no idea where they find them, but Videodrones has pretty much been my go-to source when I’m looking to watch some rad vids that aren’t straight off of P4K. Do yourself a favor and check out some of the hot shit they’ve been posting lately, like this killer video for Salamander’s “Creatura.”


Vitamins – No Notion Of Anything Only Whatever Is What

My buddy Crawford from Tome To The Weather Machine sent me over the newest video his band Vitamins put out. “No Notion Of Anything Only Whatever Is What” is a nice shoegazin kraut psych pop track with lots of room for partying. High stakes ice skating videos chopped & layered, triple axels blowin the roof off the place. The end is fuckin teaser of the year.


Robocopodenieve – Siamellizas

Robocopodenieve makes music out of Buenos Aires full of beautiful ambient loops that glitch out in glorious ways. The video for “Siamellizas” has a pair of vintage girls connected at the hair who have a lonely life in the woods where they make failed attempts at having tea parties with each other. So sad. The track can be found on their split tape with Los Sueños on the newly formed & totally awesome Argentinian tape label, Spit On BPM.


Eternal Tapestry – Galactic Derelict

The ever busy dudes in Eternal Tapestry put together a video for “Galactic Derelict” off their new album, Beyond the 4th Door, out in March on Thrill Jockey. Lots of noodlin & groovin heavy space psych set to straaange old sci-fi buy cialis in las vegas movies, the video having just as many layers as the music. The best part is when the caped space adventurer is flying through space and he checks his watch because, y’know, he’s gonna be late to Neptune.


HotKid – Yours & Mine

HotKid sound like a combo of two of my favorite defunct bands, DFA79 & Sleater-Kinney, so clearly they fucking ROCK. The video for “Yours & Mine” is a crazy spazz dance off with a bazillion cuts & epileptic neon lightning, people of young & old showing off their best moves. It’s damn near impossible to not instantly jump up on your seat and party hard as soon as it kicks in. Plus, they’re Canadian.

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