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Stephen Ettinger – Canine Heart Sounds (Evsco Pharmaceuticals, 1970?)

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I never thought I’d fine a record weirder & closer to my heart than that seashell pronunciation LP from a while back but I’m pretty sure this Canine Heart Sounds album trumps it. It’s pretty literal with its title and minimal in its jacket design. Then again, it was put out by a pharmaceutical company and I don’t think they’re usually known for their creativity.

The sounds on here are incredible, starting out with normal heartbeats which could be used for lullabies or an homage to Gas. Later on the sounds get more & more irregular, and by the end of the record, you hear dogs with severe heart problems and their beats could be thrown down without alterations at your next dance party.

So the sounds are super fucking awesome but there’s the whole reality of it that you’re listening to these poor dogs who aren’t doin so hot. :(

There’s a narrator, Stephen Ettinger, who explains what’s going on for each sound, so this is definitely an educational record for vets and animal surgeons and whatnot. I’ll probably edit out all of his talking at some point like I did with the Sounds Of Insects, but I was too fuckin psyched about this record to wait to post it and I didn’t have enough time for superfluous editing.