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Alpha III – The Aleph (Alpha III Artistical Productions, 1969)

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Bizarre Brazilian prog from the late ’60s by Alpha III, just one dude named Amir Cantusio Jr. who dedicated The Aleph to “the big musician/keyboardist Keith Emerson.” Two side long tracks of weirdness, sounding like the score to A Clockwork Orange with its classically inspired crippling synth wobble, the dark & ominous grooves of The Wall (and only 10 years before Pink Floyd!), formal classical compositions tweaked for extra progginess, creepy clown laughs and fucked up vocals that are rewound, chopped, & distorted. Definitely a unique beast.

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Kinit Her – Gratitudes (Small Doses, 2011)

Kinit HerWalled (Small Doses)

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Fucked as hell and 100% original. Tortured Gnaw Their Tongues horror, blackened Niblock trombones, melodic pagan incantations, mourning Godspeed strings, power metal guitar wailings, furious neo-folk, pioneering levels of prog, inhuman demonic growls, black metal tricklings, all steeped for years in a vat of DOOM. Absolutely. Fucking. RIDICULOUS. This album is as brilliant as it gets, dudes. I haven’t heard anything this astoundingly unique in years. It’s bleak, dank, and goddamn creepy. I want to have it’s baby?