Album Review

Caddywhompus – The Weight (Chinquapin / Community, 2011)

CaddywhompusThe Weight

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I went certifiably insane for the last/debut Caddywhompus record, Remainder. Seriously, there are few records over a year old that still get that much playtime from me. Then two months ago, courtesy of Chinquapin & Community Records, they dropped a new single called “Age Of Wild Spirits” and it was killer. Got me totally stoked for the upcoming The Weight, which, just like Remainder is free of charge, meaning you should go download that shit STAT (or better yet, drop some $$$ on it and hold it IRL). Then when The Weight came around, I discovered it only has 4 songs, one of which we’d already heard. Mega-bummer. BUT WAIT this is Caddy-fuckin-whompus and The Weight is still one of the best mathy noise-pop albums to come out this year so fucking HOORAY.

I don’t really want to recycle the same comparisons from before, but they’re still quite approriate. There’s Zach Hill drum love affairs, Dodos style vocals, the blistering nastiness of Oxes, and fuckit throw in some Deerhoof because what’s a noise-pop review without mention of them. But what makes Caddywhompus BETTER than all of those bands is their absolutely brilliant songwriting, every song being a straightup earworm, and having the best fucking mix of abrasion & bliss. Every song has me simultaneously air drumming & guitaring while flailing uncontrollably during the massive breakdowns, where they’re able to maintain a beautiful pop charm right alongside the thrashing & squawking.

I’m pretty sure The Weight is a step in a slightly more refined Caddywhompus sound, but I honestly can’t tell you what that step is because I’m too fucking distracted by the unmatched awesomeness being laid down. Plus I’m wayyy too busy listening to this to bother to go back and compare it to Remainder. When The Weight is playing, everything else becomes second rate, including previous Caddywhompus records.

I wish there was something, anything I could do to make Caddywhompus stand out even more. They deserve the highest praise and arena sized audiences freaking out to their totally fucking killer anthems. It blows my mind that I’m trying to hype this band because that means they don’t already have it. WTF is wrong with all of you? It is now your duty to tell every goddamn friend of yours about Caddywhompus and make sure they all own a copy of Remainder and The Weight.

Song Review

Caddywhompus – Age Of Wild Spirits (Chinquapin / Community, 2011)

Caddywhompus – Age Of Wild Spirits

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I freaked out over Caddywhompus’s free Remainder last year. That album is so much fuckin fun and still gets tons of plays. They’ve got a new single called “Age Of Wild Spirits” that brings back the raucous mathy noise pop ecstasy, with a nice droney intro (seeping in from Chris Rehm’s awesome solo work), keepin it chill for most of the song until it explodes in a glorious fury at the end. Killer fucking stuff. Love these dudes so much.

BUT, as you might have noticed, there’s no download link up there for the song. That’s because they’re experimenting with a new release method. If they get a combined total of 7,500 downloads at the Chinquapin and Community websites, they’ll unleash the forthcoming album The Weight early. Right now it’s scheduled for May, but you can help get it out sooner. Either way it goes, though, The Weight is going to be FREEEE just like Remainder. Way to fucking go, guys.

Album Review

Chris Rehm – Worries, Etc. (Chinquapin, 2011)

Chris RehmBlinders

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Chris Rehm has gotta be one of my favorite dudes workin right now. His solo work on the Salivary Stones tape was a slab of pink drone bliss and the mathy noise pop album he did with his pal Sean Hart as Caddywhompus remains to this day one of the catchiest & most listened to records in rotation. So clearly Rehm’s a fuckin champ. PLUS, he runs Chinquapin Records out of New Orleans and all of the music he makes is available for free downloading. Including Worries, Etc.

Worries is Rehm’s seventh solo release in 4 years and right off the bat, you can tell it’s more developed and intricate than his last tape. Instead of just straight up drone noise, there’s all sorts of extra stuff going on. The muffled industrial machine beats from before take a higher priority now, chugging away making some Usputuspud-like disco drone. Now there’s strummed acoustics with depressed vocals echoing “I just want you to give a fuck” and pulsing space dust shooting through the heart of frozen moons. One of my favorite tracks is “Blinders” which starts outs with mumbling ghosts hiding behind curtains of xylophone kaleidoscope static and then blurs into bombastic Fuck Buttons noise bliss. So fucking cool.

The individual songs on Worries, Etc. are perfectly unique, each one sounding a bit different than the last, but all flowing seamlessly into the next. This could have been one half hour long track and I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

This is a beautiful record, tender, harsh, euphoric, and occasionally danceable. If you’ve yet to experience life through Rehm’s ears, now’s the fucking time. But if you’re already a fan, Worries is essential, it’s filled with more elaborate sounds fused with the noise pop elements from Caddywhompus. Seriously, what more could you ask for? Oh right, IT’S FREE.