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William Cody Watson – Seafoam (self released / No Kings, 2014)

william cody watson - seafoam album cover
William Cody WatsonSeafoam (self released / No Kings)

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William Cody Watson is easily one of the most underrated and underrepresented bliss droners, and Seafoam is his final release, not as in he’s going on to make music using another moniker, he’s just done, no more music as WCW or Pink Priest or Gremlynz or Malibu Wands or any other name, but he’s going out on the fucking top with this one and he corralled thee High Aura’d to contribute some field recordings and piano, so this is a fuckin brilliant piece of sound, with gorgeous cascading harmonies and slow shifting tones that glow like angel choirs descending from a cracked open Cecil B. DeMille sky, the light of the world shining straight into your heart, and low sober minimalism, pulled out from your deep aching core and rapt in endless sorrows, melancholic & resigned, not admitting defeat but acknowledging reality, with long stretches of unsteadiness, the trembling anxiety before plunging into the unknown, and hoping it turns out ok, this is tender and glorious and just absolutely fucking magnificent, and you get your choice of digital, which Watson released back in January, or tape, which No Kings just dropped.


Aerial Jungle – A Monsoon In Waves

Look out! Blazin hott collab comin your way. Brad Rose of thee mighty Digitalis, as well as Altar Eagle, The North Sea, Charlatan, and numerous other projects, has, yes, another project, this time with Rachel Evans of Quiet Evenings and the woozily harmonic Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. They’re calling themselves Aerial buy cialis online yahoo Jungle and they’re doing the drum beats n hazey fluttery drone pop thing with an upcoming tape Tales Of Acoustic Levitation on No Kings. “A Monsoon In Waves” takes decrepit muted colored black & white VHS footage and layers the fuck out of it, all done by Ms. Evans herself.

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