Album Review

Toning – Paranormal Romance (Skell, 2012)

ToningSki Dubai (Skell)

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Toning, a dude named Cody Brant, is tearing it up with weirdness on his recent tape on newish label Skell. All sorts of sounds on Paranormal Romance, made only with guitars & synths (and the occasional drum machine) but spanning enough genres that it’s damn tough to pin down. It’s got some drugged up Eric Copeland drips, buzzing Zomes drone jams, dusty & twangy Americana melodies, spaced out lazer burns, and everything in between, a dozen or so bite sized tracks for coping without your ADD meds, each looped in its own way, some blasted & crazy, others subtle & delicate, but mostly just hypnotic & engaging. Totally awesome stuff. Only 50 copies, of which I believe there are still some left. Definitely jump on this.