Video Premier: Oikos & High Aura’d – Eveningstar



You may have heard about And Suddenly Everything, Absolutely Everything, Was There, the Utech benefit compilation, this thing’s been makin the rounds this week, and rightfully so. Kim Utech, wife of Keith Utech, of the inimitable Utech Records, recently lost her battle with breast cancer, leaving Keith and their two children to mourn and deal with life sans an integral part of it.

Artist and all around awesome dude Chris Elmore pulled together this monumental 4.5 hour compilation in a matter of weeks. It features brand new and exclusive music from the noise/drone/metal/etc scene’s greatest, who also happen to have benefited in some way or another from Keith and his label. The comp is a digital pay what you want thing on Bandcamp and every bit of it goes to the Utech Family Fund.

This video, as you might’ve guessed, is for a song on the comp, and Mr. Kolodij allowed me to premier it. It’s a fuckin killer song, as is everything Oikos & High Aura’d do, “Eveningstar” a blissful walk through the drones of heaven, and the video by Omar Mashaal is a beautifully blurry slow-mo dream that I’m fairly certain is footage of someone washing the cover to Halfway To A Threeway.

Amazing work by amazing people for an amazing reason. Love to everyone involved with this, and especially to the Utechs. Support.

Album Review

Gog – Ironworks (Utech, 2012)

GogA Promised Eternity Fulfilled With Cancer (Utech)

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Hard to believe this is just one dude makin all this fuckin racket. So much volume on this. Ironworks, aka “an epitaph for the death of the American dream,” is a monster of black industrial noise, huge walls of distorted guitar scrape, cliffs crumbling from the reverb, with a persistent percussion that doesn’t so much keep rhythm as it creates a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, machines running on their own because there was no time to shut them off, a thick black cloud that lasts for miles, vocals that range from shamanistic chants to DSBM howls, a somber piano’s final eulogy, a lifeless greyscape where the massive drone rolls and the dirt is caked in blood, brooding & brutal, this is perfect destruction. Do not miss.