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Brief Hiatus

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Alright, here’s the deal. I’m currently working two jobs and taking summer classes at Simmons and am doing one or two of those things every day until July 1. And if I’m not doing one of those things, I’m probably eating, sleeping, or doing homework. I haven’t posted anything since that RENEGATORS mix over a week ago, so as much as I hate to do this, it’s happening anyway and I might as well make it somewhat official.

So there won’t be any action here until July, after which point I’ll have used up my grant at Beverly Historical Society. Then I’ll be back down to one job plus classes and should be able to get some occasional blogging done.

If I have a spare moment between now and then, I’ll try to get something posted. Otherwise, sorry, thems the breaks. Just think of it like a long vacation.

In the mean time, I’ll again direct you to my Twitter where I’ll still be alive & kickin, talkin nonsense about records and praising Beyoncé.

P.S. that ghost is me and the cup is filled with coffee in case it wasn’t obvious



Last time I went to help my wife, aka Argyle Whale, sell her awesome shit at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, I made a mix called Renegades (obviously) to keep yall company in my blogging absence. Well I’m helping her out again! So I made a mix of mostly electronic shit with an occasional emphasis on the absolutely fucking wacky like John Paul Young and The Space Lady, some newer jams from guys like Jonas Reinhardt and Rene Hell, some old school alchemy from Toru Takemitsu and Eduard Artemiev, and tossing in some maxchill minimalism like Steve Reich and Loren Connors. Whatever your preference, I guarantee RENEGATORS is gonna make you flip your goddamn lid.

If you’re in the Brooklyn/New York/North East area this weekend and feel like meeting the awkwardly-unsociable me, or better yet want to support a working crafter, come by and say hey. We’re at booth 207 near the corner of Union & Bayard. I would be SUPER fuckin psyched to meet you. :D

1. Giant Claw – Big Crush
2. Rene Hell – Surgery
3. Jonas Reinhardt – Headband Harvest
4. Iasos – Crystal Petals
5. El Marrano De La Razón – Liposucción Magnética
6. John Paul Young – Summertime!
7. Toru Takemitsu – Sky, Horse, And Death (Concrete-Music)
8. Informatics – Hungry Pets
9. Eagle Chalice – Feather Flow Circle
10. Loren Connors – Part Three
11. Preslav Literary School – Dirge In Marriage
12. Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimbas
13. Robert Henke – Layer 007
14. Louis & Bebe Barron – Main Title From Forbidden Planet
15. Eduard Artemiev – Untitled
16. The Space Lady – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
17. Akemi Ishijima – Time Drops

We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10

Cave Bears at Weird Stalk, Too

Never ones to fuck around / always on their toes / forever keepin shit interesting, the fine folks at The Whitehaus have stepped up their game with Weirdstock 3. Just as Weirdstock 2 was altered to be called Weird Stalk, Too, the third event shall be officially known as We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10. That “$10” is important because the “Free” part is meant to mean “Three” instead of the cost of the show. Just so you know.

But anyways, the name isn’t the only thing that’s changed. #1 went down over 3 days at the Cambridge YMCA but #2 had to squeezed into an all nighter at The Temple. Now #3 is back at the Y, but alas, it’s only a single night again, from 2:00-10:20 on August 14. Fear not, my friends! There is much craziness to occur, as there are going to be 30 bands playing in a mere 8 hours. Scope the structure of the setlists over the course of the night…

Starting the festivities will be an hour long drone set by The Metal And Glass Ensemble at 2:00. Then from 3:00-4:00, 12 bands will play a fury of back-to-back 5 minute sets. Then from 4:00-5:00, it’ll be 6 bands with 10 minute sets, and 4 bands with 15 minute sets the next hour, then from 6:00 on there will be the usual 20-30 minute sets until they close up shop around 10:00.

Blevin Blectum at Weird Stalk, Too

Now comes the verified lineup! Such awesomeness you will not see anywhere else, guaranteed, because The Whitehaus always brings the ruckus. The out-of-towners are scheduled to be Nautical Almanac, Fat Worm Of Error, Nat Baldwin, Horaflora, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Kurt Weisman, Crank Sturgeon, Unicorns In The Snow, and Solace Media Corporation Tourists, while the reigning Bostonians are Table Radios (Vic Rawlings & Brendan Murray), Preggy Peggy and The Lazy Babymakers, Cotton Candy, Walter Wright, Baby Names, Peace, Loving, FOOM & Illlich, and Supremo Puppet Show.

Fuck yeah, dudes! This is going to be fuckin sweet as hell. Official poster and more bands to be out very soon. Keep an eye on the We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10 site for more details, links, videos, etc.

Album Review

Lüüp – Cream Sky

LüüpCream Sky

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Lüüp make some charming folky weirdness in a way that the “new weird folk” or whatever the fuck it was called could never possibly come up with. Lead by Stelios Romaliadis, the new Meadow Rituals album on Experimedia is filled with almost 20 people bending genres in a way I’ve yet to hear. There’s no map for the place they’ve gone, somewhere off in the New Age classical folk drone land.

Not all of the tracks appeal to me, there’s lots of vocals & flutes giving off a fantasy vibe that just doesn’t rub me the right way, but “Cream Sky” is a perfect example of where they dance line, staggering ever so closely to the dreaded cheese zone but ending up with something totally fucking great. There’s plenty of classy instruments, making a warm and airy atmosphere, then tossing in some reversed sounds to spice things up. The deep resonant vocals eventually come in, flowing like silk through the forest, a wondrous & light hearted dream, and finishing with looped hand claps and mouth clicks. Super cool stuff, especially when heard in the context of the whole record.

Song Review

Middle Kingdom – Adorned In Flowers Like A Mantle Of Stars

Middle KingdomAdorned In Flowers Like A Mantle Of Stars

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Middle Kingdom are a couple Boston bros making some weird psyched out droney shit. They’ve got an upcoming tape on the essential Sacred Phrases due sometime this summer, and “Adorned In Flowers Like A Mantle Of Stars” is one of the songs from it. It’s a 12 minute stereo burner, an expansive murky mild freakout, jungle chirps sparring with sun crisped feedback, prolonged panning chords ringing through the distant corners of the universe, thick space dust soup bubbling up from the Great Beyond, a total wash of tones n drones, blurred at the edges with a white hot center.

Definitely some killer jams coming from these guys. Keep an eye out for that Sacred Phrases tape but if you can’t wait, they’ve got a sweet demo with this track and a few other goodies new & old. Certainly worthwhile, I’d definitely recommend picking it up if you’re so inclined.

Album Review

Mind Over Mirrors – The Voice Rolling (Digitalis, 2011)

Mind Over MirrorsRound, Around

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There are some instruments that I instantly go weak for. And then when there are records made with only one of those instruments, I tend to lose. my. SHIT. Nathan Bell’s echoey banjo pluckin @2640, for example, or the one off OrganOrganOrganOrgan. Awesome stuff. Now here comes The Voice Rolling, an all harmonium record that, even better, is the craziest harmonium record ever.

Mind Over Mirrors (solo project of Jaime Fennelly of Peeesseye, Acid Birds, etc) takes a harmonium and fucks it up with all sorts of pedals & FX, making it droooooone in the most beautiful way possible. You think harmoniums are naturally good-lookin? Just wait and see what Fennelly does with ’em. Stretched out gauze floating through pink/grey bliss, endless layers of reed textured harmonies, all of the fantastic things about harmoniums but given a new life through Fennelly.

On “You Ain’t Reeling” he pounds out a Zomes like techno loop with a chopped up beat that could get your Blade Runner dance mix up and running, the nearly 12 minute long “Point Hammond” takes a toasted feedback sound and psychs it up into a mournful slow burner, like some lost guitar in a vast sea of golden mist, stuck in a static wasteland dirge, rummaging through bottled up gloom, “Coaling” is a deep thunder rumble, rupturing black smoke and tearing holes in the sunny sky, “Round, Around” is a peppy pop tune, panning and waving a subdued rager, glistening in the pulsing wash, but all of this is is just child’s play when compared to the real action on the expansive “Barely Spun” which again takes a loopy beat driven approach, a warped Giffoni-esque acid synth jam on ecstasy steroids, building into a heavenly grit so monolithic it’ll blind you to the fact that you just creamed your pants.

The amount of pleasure I get from listening to The Voice Rolling is almost incalculable. Fucking free reeds, man. They just do it. They make the drone that is the ESSENTIAL drone. And when they’re put in the masterful hands of someone like Fennelly who can make them do whatever the hell he wants, the result is a record that’s pure fucking bliss. Best of all, it’s getting the vinyl treatment very soon thanks to Digitalis.