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AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 28, 2013) Halloween Special

A very special Halloween edition of Anti-Gravity Mummy Radio! Settle for nothing less than the darkest scariest shit.
AGB Radio 2013/10/28
1. Cough – Mind Collapse (from Ritual Abuse)
2. Skullflower – Blood Harvest (from Kino I: Birthdeath)
3. Pharmakon – Pitted (from Abandon)
4. Charnel House – Deathliness (from Black Blood)
5. The Body – The Blessed Lay Down And Writhe In Agony (from Master, We Perish)
6. Gravetemple – III (from Ambient/Ruin)
7. The North Sea – Violence Is A Cleansing Force (from Grandeur & Weakness)
8. Witchbanger – VVolves Of The Plains (from Witchbanger)
9. Sutcliffe Jugend & Junko – Throat Ripper (from Sans Palatine Uvula)
10. Gnaw Their Tongues – Sawn Asunder And Left For The Beasts (from An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood)
11. Smorg – Death Is Sure (from A Morbid Chapter)
12. Year Of No Light – Damnee (from Vampyr)
13. Nadja & Galena – Tears (from Konstruktion)
14. Nate Young – Escape With Nothing (from Blinding Confusion)
15. Old Witch – This Land Has Been Cursed (from Come Mourning Come)
16. Theologian – Bed Of Maggots (from The Chasms Of My Heart)
17. Horseback – Luciferian Theme (from A Plague Of Knowing)
18. Lycus – Engravings (from Tempest)
19. Cultes Des Ghoules – Festival Of Devotion (from Henbane)
20. Sunn O))) – It Took The Night To Believe (from Black One)


Dark Cloud Rising

I couldn’t just do a Halloween special on AGB Radio (tonight from 7-9 EST on!), I had to make a creep filled mix especially for you guys. However you party, this will be the perfect score for your Halloween.
Dark Cloud Rising
1. Mississippi Fred McDowell – Dark Cloud Rising
2. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
3. Wilt – She Walks The Night
4. The Sensational Whirlwinds – (Make Old) Satan Leave Me Alone
5. Have A Nice Life – The Parhelic Circle
6. Wreck & Reference – Abhorrence
7. Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Owl Cave
8. Florida-Alabama Progressive Seven-Shape-Note Singing Convention – God’s Gonna Set The World On Fire
9. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Maximum Black
10. The Angelic Process – Welcome To Oblivion
11. John Carpenter – The Fog
12. Lonnie Johnson – Lonesome Ghost Blues
13. Jasper TX – Black Sleep Part IV
14. Robert Johnson – Hellhound On My Trail
15. Avgrunden – The Gate Of A Hundred Sorrows
16. Rev. I. B. Ware – I Wouldn’t Mind Dying
17. Empire Auriga – Waiting For The Fall
18. The Pod – Collecting Dust

Haiku Review

Paper Voices – Clover Hill (Distance, 2013)

paper voices - clover hill album cover
Paper VoicesClover Hill (Distance)

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Download Clover Hill
/haunted memories/
/distant, floating in the murk/
/obscured and morose/

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 21, 2013)

Changed things up a bit more this time. Some likely year end favorites are on this playlist, like Roly Porter and The Stranger. Goddamn those records are amazing.
AGB Radio 2013/10/21
Roly Porter – Cloud (from Life Cycle Of A Massive Star)
Emptyset – Order (from Recur)
Shadowlust – Citadel (from Iris/Citadel)
Superstar – Pastoral Dirge (from A Toast To…)
Cave – Silver Headband (from Threace)
The Body – To Attempt Openness (from Christs, Redeemers)
Gnaw – Vulture (from Horrible Chamber)
Troum – Ater (from Syzygie)
Wilburn Burchette – Witch’s Will (from I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America 1950-1990)
30,000 Monkies – Stab You Elf (from Womb Eater Wife Beater)
Arnaut Pavle – Eat The Soil From This Grave (from Arnaut Pavle)
Perfect Pussy – IV (from I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling)
Dressed In Streams – The Breastplate Shines (from Dressed In Streams)
Grey Host – Noble Beast (from Dawn For Vutlures)
Saturnalia Temple – Dreaming Out Of Death (from Ur)
Blue Hummingbird On The Left – Storm (from Tliltic Tlapoyauak)
The Stranger – Providence Or Fate (from Watching Dead Empires In Decay)
Raising Holy Sparks – For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water V (from For Fran, Etched In Glass & Water)

Album Review

Olan Mill – Hiraeth (Preservation, 2013)

olan mill - hiraeth album cover
Olan MillNeutrino (Preservation)

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This new Olan Mill is one gorgeous fucking record. Five smooth tracks of lush pastoral beauty, blooming with otherworldly sweetness and as tender as can be. The drone comes in all forms, from resonant angelic choirs and sweeping cinematic strings, to buried sustained tones and delicate piano keys, all layered in a harmonic perfection that wrings your heart dry, empties your tear ducts, and bathes you in a sunlight you never knew existed. There’s a deep sadness, so painful that the only shred of optimism to be found is in knowing that you’re still alive to feel it. Hiraeth is a record of such heavenly warmth and bittersweet bliss, I guarantee it alone will sustain you through the upcoming winter. Vinyl & CD available, with different artwork for each (fyi that’s the LP artwork up there).

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 14, 2013)

AGB Radio is back on the air/tubes. First one was last night. If you missed it, download it here. I’ll be keeping an archive of my shows, accessible by that link over on the right.
AGB Radio 2013/10/14
Nils Frahm – Ross’s Harmonium (from Spaces)
Noveller – No Dreams (from No Dreams)
Paper Voices – Magdalena (from Clover Hill)
The Field – 20 Seconds Of Affection (from Cupid’s Head)
Factory Floor – Turn It Up (from Factory Floor)
High Aura’d – Remain In Light (from High Aura’d / Blood Bright Star Split)
Esmerine – White Light (from Dalmak)
Body/Head – Can’t Help You (from Coming Apart)
Mind Over Mirrors – Innumerable Step (from When The Rest Are Up At Four)
Tropic Of Cancer – Wake The Night (from I Feel Nothing)
Holden – Delabole (from The Inheritors)
Bvdub & Loscil – Thanatos (from Erebus)
Yasushi Yoshida – Remembrance In Glass (from Secret Figure)
Plankton Wat – Bread Of Dreams (from Drifter’s Temple)
Johnny Hawaii – Driving Through The Jungle (from Southern Lights)
Orphax – Winterslaap In De Zomer (from De Tragedie Van Een Liedjesschrijver Zonder Woorden)
Secret Pyramid – Move Through Night (from Movements Of Night)
Olan Mill – Soft Furnishings (from Hiraeth)
Mikael Lind – Old Tales Of Folly (from Unsettled Beings)

AGB Radio Is Back!
Super exciting news you guys. I’m doing a radio show/podcast again! Every Monday night from 7:00-9:00 (EST) on my pal’s internet radio station starting TONIGHT. I’ll be playing the best drone I can get my hands on. Also expect plenty of other killer goodness: massive doom, ancient foreign folk, subtle techno, raw black metal, tender Americana, skull splitting noise, earworm pop, and whatever the fuck else is in rotation at AGB HQ.

I’ll be posting the shows here on the site after they air, so if you miss it on, you can download it here and take it with you everywhere you go.


Album Review

Secret Pyramid – Movements Of Night (Students Of Decay, 2013)

secret pyramid - movements of night album cover
Secret PyramidA Descent (Students Of Decay)

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Holy cow now this is a fucking record. Secret Pyramid, aka Amir Abbey, has brought us a stunning display of soft drone perfection, the stuff dreams are made of. This really is the embodiment of softness, no hard edges or jagged angles to be found, the stark sphere of a billiard ball obscured behind a gauzy veil, taking clips of melodies and stretching them out, looped on themselves and buried buy cialis in riyadh under a thick Basinskian blanket, piano notes floating out from the black green of an ocean cave, finding their way to the top and caught in the subtle surface shimmer, everything washed in a comforting melancholic static and hanging in the delicate balance between sleep & consciousness, a magically golden midnight haze that opens up half-forgotten memories both tender & somber. Super special stuff from a new-to-me dude courtesy of the ever-trustworthy Students Of Decay.

Album Review

The End Of The World Championship – In Slow Motion (Umor Rex, 2013)

The End Of The World Championship – In Slow Motion I (Umor Rex)

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Mother. Fucking. Drone. This is the real shit. Long form synth transcendence that’ll push your fucking skull straight through the fabric of space/time. Two sidelong pieces, absolutely humongous slabs of gritty bliss, heaving & waving layers filling in the wrinkles of your brain, a monotonous minimalism that I would bind to my goddamn bones and take with me wherever I went if I could, drones clipping in the red and glistening from the bottom of a well, boring down on every atom in your body until the negative space is non-existent and you’re lifted up to the next level of reality. So so fucking good, and yours for only $6.50 courtesy of the baddest dudes at Umor Rex.