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Album Review

Kyle Bobby Dunn – …And The Infinite Sadness (Students Of Decay, 2014)

kyle bobby dunn - and the infinite sadness album cover
Kyle Bobby DunnSpem In Alium & Her Unable (Students Of Decay)

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The indisputable champion of modern droners has truly outdone himself with a new 3xLP (!!!) and here we are to celebrate. Magical upon magical, this dude weaves every emotion under the sun into a veil of pure unrelenting beauty, sadness & despair, yes, but also fear & torment, love & exuberance, anguish & anxiety, hope & solace, the endless sky bleeding with life and offering nothing save the truth, this is majestic and soft and honorable and deeply personal, unimaginable depth swirling beneath the surface, the past that couldn’t help but lead to this masterpiece, a heaven I never thought I’d know is now filling up my consciousness with the blissful heartache that only Kyle Dunn could conjure. Ever since I saw him play on New Years Eve ’09/’10 and went home with my copy the stunning art edition of Intimate Rituals, I knew I’d stumbled upon an artist that I would follow with the highest expectations. Every release I’ve heard of his since then has been nothing short of flawless, and somehow he reaches new heights of perfection with each one. …And The Infinite Sadness expounds on everything prior to it and allows KBD to officially carve his name in the immortal Drone Stone. This is everything.

Album Review

Dhow – Amara (Inam, 2014)

dhow - amara album cover
DhowNhi (Inam)

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The supremely talented and ridiculously prolific Ryan Huber, who works under guises like Sujo, Olekranon, and others, as well as running the Inam label, has put out yet another insane record, this time as Dhow (the second release under this name), and holy fuck he knocks it out of the park with this one, a little more shoegazey than his other monikers but Amara still goes to 11, getting loud & fuzzy, catchy riffs and big swells of feedback that sound like the world is ending, total apocalyptic vibes on here, crushing Angelic Process-esque sounds alongside heavenly blissed out drone clouds à la your favorite euphoric masters, soft, gauzy, and serene as fuck, like suffocating in a thick fog on top of a mountain, a mask of massive static to take you to the other side, the most explosive & bombastic fucking drone record I’ve heard that seriously just makes me wanna die. This dude knows no bounds. And if you don’t slack on this, you can get the super limited (to 40) CD-R on the cheap ($8!!) and it includes and even MORE limited (to 23!) sexy 7″ lathe with mono variations of the first two tracks on the CD. The artwork up there is for the digital version, which is slightly different than the CD-R & lathe.

Album Review

Cleared – Drown (Immune, 2014)

cleared - drown album cover
Cleared – Remote Ocean Prayer (Immune)

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Cleared is drummer Steven Hess (Locrian, Pan-American, etc) and multi-media artist Michael Vallera (aka COIN) and with only a few killer releases under their belt, Drown is looking to be their breakout record. So while this is essentially a guitar/drum duo, these dudes take that trope to a whole new level, making an almost-but-not-quite-metal noise/drone record that’s bookended with two amazing tracks that go way out into dream pop & shoegaze territory, something that buy viagra cialis uk walks the line between dark & heavy and light & drifty, with tons of feedback drone, static skitter, dark ambient shadows, cosmic expansion, shimmery guitars, and hypnotic percussion, it’s really just the fucking best, an absolutely stellar weird droney poppy record that’s hitting all the right spots for me right now, I honestly can’t get enough of this. Brought to you by the strangely underrated Immune, a seven year old slow burning label that’s doing everything right.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (May 26, 2014)

happy belated Memorial Day yall

AGB Radio 2014/05/26

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/Background music/ Bardo Pond – Here Come The Warm Jets (from Looking For Another Place)
The Fun Years – Sea The Shroud / Janice Was Into Recovery (from One Quarter Descent)
Ian William Craig – Lowest Arc Suite (from Theia And The Archive)
Oren Ambrachi – Park It Where The Sun Don’t Shine (from Stacte Karaoke)
Leyland Kirby – Twenty Seven (from We Drink To Forget The Coming Storm)
Ron Morelli – Lone Navigator (from Periscope Blues)
Aaron Martin – Sugar And Dirt (from Chapel Floor)
Sd Laika – Don’t Know (from That’s Harakiri)
Thisquietarmy – Stealth Drone (from Rebirths)
Yoshio Machida – Synthi No. 07 (from Music From The Synthi)
High Aura’d – Teeth For Sinking In (from Teeth For Sinking In)
Alvarius B. – Saz Nicotine (from If You Don’t Like It… DON’T!)
Pharmakon – Bang Bang (from Todo Muere Vol. 4)
Tom Carter & Pat Murano – Styx (from Four Infernal Rivers)

Album Review

Wold – Postsocial (Profound Lore, 2014)

wold - postsocial album cover
WoldThrowing Star (Profound Lore)

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OMFG I can’t even handle how fucking awesome this new Wold record is you guys, so incredibly psyched the Canadian duo has some new aural wreckage this year, these two honestly spit out the most disgusting horrific black noise ever and it’s painfully unique, caked in grit & filth, Postsocial scales back the metal (barely) heard on their previous records and drowns you in an acid bath of static distortion, they beefed up the noise and scrubbed out the metal but this is still the blackest & grimmest fucking thing you’ll hear all year, the massive walls of burnt feedback and tinny clanging percussion are absolutely fucking obliterating, this is so dense you can taste it & smell it, it becomes an all enveloping shroud of nihilistic, misanthropic chaos, and there’s an endless amount of detail lurking beneath the devastation, devious shredding & pulsing electronics that make this so much more than a harsh wall of noise, and while this has supreme, definite motives & messages behind it, I’m not really even looking at that part, for me this is a purely aesthetic experience of wicked perversions, the sonic bombardment that can come from only the most twisted of artists, taking you to unimaginable depths, and Wold always fucking delivers.

Album Review

Mike Weis – Don’t Know, Just Walk (Type, 2014)

mike weis - don't know just walk album cover
Mike WeisOut Of The Flowers (Type)

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Mike Weis, aka the drummer from Zelienople, drops his second solo LP and it’s a fuckin stunner. This was made after being diagnosed with cancer and is a sort of meditation on death, which becomes pretty apparent after giving this a spin because it’s dark as fuck and full of tantric percussion, a hypnotic droning beast that plumbs the depths of what we as humans know as life, it’s full of hallowed rituals opening new pathways in your head and begging for answers, propulsive and mystikal, taking you to uncharted interstellar domains with all manner of religious instruments, dwelling on subtle shifts in tones, screaming sirens, bombastic rhythms, searing static, delicate cymbals, organic field recordings, and a thousand hidden threads intertwined in a vast tapestry of morose beauty, this is a magnificent goddamn record, one that evokes a plethora of emotions and is easily one of the better things I’ve heard this year.

Album Review

Jeremy Bible – Collisions (False, 2014)

jeremy bible - collisions album cover
Jeremy Bibleco_7 (False)

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All hail Jeremy Bible, this dude knows what’s fuckin up. Most of yall probably know he runs the flawless Experimedia label/distro, but he’s also got some insane music makin chops as well, and Collisions is easily my favorite work of his. This is a total head fucker, melding sharp musique concrète, abstract field recordings, glitchy rhythms, and bizarro noise into something wholly cohesive & unique, this takes all of your attention while twisting synapses and making new neural pathways in your brain, making you question every fucking moment. Is there anything actually happening right now or is it actually silent? Are those frogs or synths? Is this doing permanent damage to my ears? Did I just shit myself? There are truly incredible moments on this record that feel like you’re staring a starving pack of dire wolves right in the eyes, unsettling organic gurgling & chirping, panning & pointed blasts of almost danceable static shred, high end drone like the hum of a distant generator. You’re never at ease, even when the music is peaceful, because early on you discover there’s an ever present sense of danger. This is just the fucking best. It was originally a live recording from June 2013 at the RCN Cave in Akron, Ohio that was released digitally shortly thereafter, but it’s been expanded & remastered for CD and tape release on False so now you can hold & cherish this sexy beast. The artwork above is for the digital version, the tapes & CDs come in silver stamped black boxes with cotton & card inserts and they look super fuckin slick.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (May 19, 2014)

mutha. fucken. WOLD.

AGB Radio 2014/05/19

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/Background music/ William Selman – Multiplied By Mirrors (from Equatorial Night)
Wold – Inner Space Infirmary (from Postsocial)
Ben Frost – Venter (from A U R O R A)
Prostitutes – The Bluffer (from Petit Cochon)
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed – Normal Techno Jam (from Waiting For Surfin’ Bird)
Black To Comm – Providence (from Providence)
Equal Stones – Death At Both Ends (from Transgression)
Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra – Vansunbarth (from Drowning In The Sky)
Panabrite – Fabric (from Tracer)
Klara Lewis – Muezzin (from Ett)
Flamingo Creatures – Soll Ich Ihre Mit Großem I Schreiben? Dann Sprechen Wir Damit Den Hörer An (from Hybrids Unlimited)
Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann – Alexandria (from I)
Fossil – Quinine (from Ancram)
Ryan Huber – Horus (from Horus)

Album Review

Ambarchi, O’Malley, & Dunn – Shade Themes From Kairos (Drag City, 2014)

ambarchi omalley dunn - shade themes from kairos album cover
Ambarchi, O’Malley, & DunnShade Themes From Kairos (Drag City)
No audio, I’m not allowed to post anything yet. A video will be released soon though so keep an eye out for it.

Three dudes who hardly need an introduction, Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, and Randall Dunn, have come together for what was originally supposed to be the score to the short Belgian film Kairos but evolved way beyond that into this 2xLP of harrowing dark ambient, a subtly menacing record that merges the already outstanding collaborative work between O’Malley’s guitar and Ambarchi’s electronics with Dunn’s perfect percussion, Shade Themes From Kairos walks the dark side of life, showing us all manner of occult & macabre, smoke & magik, ruins & rituals, truly penetrating music that ebbs & flows with soft skittering, bombastic nightmares, effortless drifts, enchanting vocals, devastating feedback, sonorous drone, and unholy freakouts, sights never before seen are laid in front of you, monolithic & unyielding, the sound of kingdoms fallen and souls forgotten, this is incredible fucking stuff, a truly magnificent record. I know these guys are pretty prolific but this one is not to be missed. And look at the fucking artwork by Denis Kostromitin I mean come on.

Album Review

Hiss Tracts – Shortwave Nights (Constellation, 2014)

hiss tracts - shortwave nights album cover
Hiss TractsShortwave Nights (Constellation)

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Hopefully you’ve heard of this already because of the people involved and because it’s on Constellation but if not, here’s what you’re missing. David Bryant from Godspeed You! Black Emperor & the painfully underrated Set Fire To Flames and Kevin Doria from the late great Growing and, more recently, the massive minimal drone of Total Life, have joined forces to become an otherworldly duo reigning ambient supreme. This is some seriously incredible shit, way better than you would have even hoped from a collab like this, these guys bring their creeping magic together and make some beautifully dark harrowing bliss out of fluttering piano, buzzing drone, haunted radio transmissions, whispered creak & crackle, and infinite fucking texture, this is goddamn perfect, sounds from the other side of the apocalypse, a post civilization decay seething throughout, shards of light poking through the gloom and offering moments of hope amidst the crumbling sadness, intense but never overwhelming and always with a somber ease (ok maybe it gets a little overwhelming once but it’s the fucking best). Top fucking notch. Truly hope this isn’t a one off because it would break my heart if this was all we ever heard from these guys.

Live 24 Hour Drone Performance

California’s KFJC is doing something super special at the end of this month as part of their annual Month Of Mayhem. There’s going to be a live 24 hour long drone set with 40+ artists including Jim Haynes, Wobbly, Antimatter, Julia Mazawa, Gosling, and tons more. They’ll have live audio and video, so prepare to zone out from Friday, May 30th at 10:00 PM until Saturday, May 31 at 12:00 AM PST (or Saturday, May 31 at 1:00 AM until Sunday, June 1 at 3:00 AM EST). This is gonna be the fucking best.

The full schedule is below. More details at the 24 Hour Drone page.

22:00 Introduction
23:00 Tom Heasley
24:00 The Fathers
01:00 Thomas Carnacki
02:00 Amphibious Gestures
03:00 Wobbly
04:00 Talk More
05:00 Pink Gaze
06:00 Dominique Leone
07:00 Kristin Miltner & Cliff Caruthers
08:00 The Norman Conquest (electronic set)
09:00 Nux Vomica
10:00 David Lim & Ven Voisey
11:00 Jim Haynes
12:00 Richard Faulhaber
13:00 Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken
14:00 Antimatter
15:00 Robert Rich
16:00 Michael Gendreau & Seitz
17:00 Thomas Dimuzio
18:00 Phillip Greenlief
19:00 Julia Mazawa
20:00 Matt Davignon & Philip Ringler
21:00 Gosling
22:00 The Norman Conquest (acoustic set)
23:00 Wrap Up

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (May 12, 2014)

Tons of great shit in this episode. More new music from Eluvium! Can’t get enough of that dude.

AGB Radio 2014-05-12

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/Background music/ Kikagaku Moyo – Never Know (from Mammatus Clouds)
Eluvium – Night Projections (from Wisdom For Debris)
Ekin Fil – Silence Repeats (from Reds)
Yair Elazar Glotman – Home Port (from Northern Gulfs)
Jim Haynes – Tear (from The Shudder Of Velocity)
Biographs – Are We Ever Going To Get There?; We Won’t Ever Get There (from Must Dissolve)
Obnox – Molecule (from Louder Space)
Millie & Andrea – Stay Ugly (from Drop The Vowels)
Thou & The Body – In Meetings Hearts Beat Closer (from Released From Love)
Fatalism – Isolde (from Mystery Of Death)
Tare – Innate Blasphemy (from Ritual Degradation)
Haunted By Hallucinations – Confessions (from Haunted By Hallucinations)
Mark Harris – Everything I Did Was Wrong (from The Angry Child)
Nordvargr – Dhamphiri (from For The Blood Is The Life – The Second Strain EP)
Ashtray Navigations – The Trail Of The Long Wet Mystery Fruit That Dropped Into The Lion’s Mouth (from Insect Descent)
Anna Von Hausswolff – Källan (Prototype) Part Two (from Källan (Prototype))


Questions For Josh Mason

josh mason interview pic
Droner extraordinaire Josh Mason is a pretty excellent dude. He put out my favorite drone record from last year, The Symbiont, recently released a fantastic collab with David Andree, and is involved in a massive upcoming project involving multiple artists (Cody Yantis, Nathan McLaughlin, Joe Houpert, and others) and will be released in multiple formats on Desire Path, FET Press, and Digitalis. The project is kind of collectively being called A Line In The Sand. Tons more info here. Anyway, Mr. Mason was very kind and took some time to answer a few questions for me.


What is the best way to die?
Is there really a best way? I suppose, for me anyway, there are preferred ways. As it stands, I think it would have to be quickly. It’s not so much the death that seems troublesome, but the dying.

How do you think you’ll die?
There probably isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about this. My anxiety leads me to believe it will be slow, agonizing and most likely alone—but it’ll probably be something dumb like electrocuting myself trying to get a bagel out of a toaster.

What makes you happy?
The love, support and generosity of my wife makes me incredibly happy. The death of false pizza. A record that is top notch from start to finish. Steve Brooks’ ‘Z’ string. Sunshine. Metafiction. Hot showers. Playing music. Growing my hair long. Being in good health. Being given another shot every day.

How can you die happy?
When I left home, the parting wisdom my mother gave me was that “At the end of the day all you need to ask yourself is ‘have I loved well?’”—hopefully I can remember that all the way till the end.

How close have you come to death?
When I was maybe 6 or 7, I blew myself across the room when I jammed a bobby pin into an electric socket (see?). I was in a pretty serious car accident when I was in college during a storm where the car hydroplaned across I-10 in Florida, into and past oncoming traffic going the other way and into a tree. Got food poisoning in the Dominican Republic once. I probably wasn’t going to die, but I’ve never been so violently ill in my life. I thought for sure in that buy cheap cialis in uk moment I wouldn’t make it.

What does kindness mean to you?
A gentleness in spirit and the ability to suspend one’s own agenda in order to extend compassion to those in need or want or who might otherwise never know it.

Where do you find love?
In my home. In quiet times. In the eyes of the generations of my family who have come before me. In the memory of youth. On the phone with my sister. In a community and network of friends who would drop everything for me if I needed them. At Timecode Beach.

When were you most afraid?
That is hard to gauge because I’m afraid, in general, pretty much around the clock.

Most recently though, it was on a flight to NYC. It was far and away the most turbulent flight I’ve ever had. Listening to Twigs & Yarn’s ‘Static Rowing’ on repeat for close to an hour was the only thing that helped calm me down. But before that it might have been the moments leading up to my engagement, the first show I played or possibly awaiting some medical diagnosis. Whatever it was, it would definitely have been something that I had time to brood over. Things like the car accident were too much of a blur for the fear to creep in.

How do you listen to music?
Mostly alone, but there are a lot of factors that play into that, such as genre and current state of mind.

I do listen to music much more objectively these days than when I was young. The older I have gotten, the more interested I have become in the technical aspects of what’s happening sonically. I have a hard time going to shows at clubs or venues these days because I am too easily distracted by everything going on around me. It kills me if I can’t see what the artist is doing or if someone is too busy taking video, talking or tweeting in front of me about their experience.

At home, I have a seat by the window where vinyl listening occurs. Cassettes in the car on the commute. Digitally at work to drown out the 9-5.

Album Review

Planning For Burial – Desideratum (The Flenser, 2014)

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}
Planning For BurialWhere You Rest Your Head At Night (The Flenser)

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After a ton of EPs and tapes and singles and splits and experiments, Planning For Burial, aka Thom Wasluck, finally follows up his 2010 debut LP Leaving with this second magnificent beast of a record (and his first foray into vinyl). Thom is the gloomiest bastard I know and Desideratum showcases that perfectly, this is beautifully depressing shit, taking the monstrous shoegazed metal from Leaving and building on it with the tender low-key sadness from how to buy cialis online in europe other releases like Quietly, he’s turned a wild mix of styles & genres including doom, slowcore, black metal, drone, gothwave, and everything else into a patented buzzing darkness that’s loud as fuck and just pure fucking excellence, overwhelming in sound and emotion, bleak walls of noise that build and crumble, huge waves swelling & crashing against cliffsides in a foggy storm, it’s blissful and devastating in the best way possible. If you dug Leaving as much as I did, rest assured Desideratum will not disappoint. It’s PFB at his best and it will fucking destroy you.

Album Review

HolyKindOf – Stay/Sea (Eilean, 2014)

holykindof - stay sea album cover
HolyKindOfRequiem, Et Cetera (Eilean)

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One of the dudes behind ambient doom shamans Zurvan and part owner of Rubber City Noise, James Bryan Parks has unveiled the debut full length of his solo project HolyKindOf and it’s a fucking glorious mess of crackle & warble drone, only 3 tracks but clocking in around 40 minutes, it’s got a ton of zippy tape fuckery and old vinyl grit alongside solid cello hum and ambient synth tones, burning like a more elaborate Basinski & Jeck collab, beautiful & melancholic, slowly breaking the fabric of your soul down into its foundational dust, and the middle track is really where Stay/Sea shines, where the drone drops deep and fully resonates in your bones, moving to transcendental sadness, knowledge of painful memories surfacing and opening up the world to a new light, heavy & heavenly, a masterful fucking record. Do not miss out on this, new(ish) project, new label, get in early, leave satisfied.