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Snows On The Go

road trip route

I just turned 30. I’ll have completed my Master’s Degree in a week. My wife & I have approval from both of our workplaces. We’re going on a month-long cross-country road trip for the whole month of May. Starting in Salem, MA, headed to Texas by way of Nashville and a dude ranch in Arkansas, all along the southwest, up the coast of California, through Yellowstone, the Black Hills, and the Badlands, and back home, visiting friends and crazy places along the way.

I only mention this because we’ll be keeping anyone interested updated over at Snows On The Go (our last name is Snow). Feel free to follow along. I’ll be sharing stuff on the regular Twitter, Instagram, etc, but mostly just this travel blog, and hopefully not like every day or anything, gonna try to enjoy shit sans-technology if that’s even possible nowadays.

Also, more relevant to you, this means that AGB Radio will be re-runs for all of May. I’m sure you have some catching up to do anyway. See you in June.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (April 13, 2015)

Lotsa long stuff and holy shit that new record from The Body is greeaaaaaat.


AGB Radio 2015/04/13

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Background music: Drombeg – Girl From The Rewrite (from Notes From The Ocean Floor EP)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:45 The Body – I Would For You (from The Tears Of Job)
00:22:14 William Ryan Fritch – Emergent (from Music For Film Vol. 1)
00:26:33 Talk break
00:27:31 Jim Haynes – Racine To Vermillion (from Scarlet)
00:40:21 Former Selves – Tension Against The Stream (from Three Wells)
01:00:24 Talk break
01:01:11 Quittinirpaaq – Lifestyles Ussa (from Dead September)
01:12:12 Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Miracle Mile (from We Know Each Other Somehow)
01:30:58 Talk break
01:31:49 Aidan Baker – Then Came The Storm (from Half Lives: As I Walked On Death Earth)
01:40:30 Kyle Landstra – Upon A Field Of Suspended Orbs (from Skyward Territories)
01:58:55 Talk break

Album Review

PREMIERE STREAM: Jenks Miller & Rose Cross NC – Music For Snowdrifts (Ba Da Bing, 2015)

Jenks Miller - Music For Snowdrifts album cover

I’m not really the kind of site that does premieres or news or anything “breaking,” which should be pretty obvious to regular readers. But when Jenks Miller contacted me asking if I wanted to premiere the stream of his new project’s debut record, I fucking jumped at the chance. So, thanks x10000 for this, Jenks.

Jenks is the main dude behind Horseback, the drone turned black psych band that’s now on Relapse, and he’s done plenty of other shit too, like Mount Moriah and various solo things and collaborations. This new one, Jenks Miller & Rose Cross NC, is “kind of a semi-solo project,” having performed live in his hometown North Carolina area with an assortment of helping hands. But on this debut, it’s just Jenks and his partner Elysse Thebner making a holy transcendent sound. Music For Snowdrifts is some megachill drone psych folk that’s hazy as fuck, sounding like the musical embodiment of a daydream, mostly just a wobbly guitar accompanied by some tender percussion, subtle synths, and soft vocals. Jenks is always upping his game, even when he’s shifting gears, and Snowdrifts is no different, it’s just absolutely fucking killer, zoning out into the shimmering golden sky, a sweet serene bliss obscured by gauze & fuzz, more or less a straightforward sound that’s executed perfectly, I can’t recommend this one enough, regardless of your familiarity with Jenks’ previous material or your fondness towards psych, this is fucking magnificent on every level.

So stream the whole thing here and then stop by Ba Da Bing because this is available as of today. Get on it.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (April 6, 2015)

So psyched Forse 3 is finally out. Feel like I’ve been waiting forever. Totally worth the wait, though.


AGB Radio 2015/04/06

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Background music: Jeremy Bible vs. Mousecop – Initiation Well (from Jeremy Bible vs. Mousecop)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:38 Alessandro Cortini – Macchia (from Forse 3)
00:09:56 Andrew Weathers – Susquehanna River (from Littlefield)
00:18:13 Biosphere – Baud (from Stator)
00:25:30 Nico Niquo – Epitaph (from Epitaph)
00:29:43 Talk break
00:30:51 Saffron – Petra I (from Petra I)
00:36:37 Caught In The Wake Forever – Wreaths (from The Places Where I Worship You)
00:43:56 Sakana Hosomi & Chihei Hatakeyama – Collapsing Huge Glaciers And The Sun (from Frozen Silence)
00:55:16 The OO-Ray – Hunting Song (from Empty Orchestra)
01:00:20 Talk break
01:01:28 Chester Hawkins – Mass/Easter (from Apostasy Suite)
01:08:37 Shit & Shine – Egg Mm-Muffin / Pimp Different (from 54 Synth-Brass, 35 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral)
01:18:01 Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz – Zaragoza Variations (from Tropicalyptic Excursions)
01:25:48 Afraid – Visions From The Holy Cross Cemetery (from Sinister Vibes)
01:30:24 Talk break
01:31:49 Teresa Winter – How Strange Are Bodies? (from Oh Tina, No Tina)
01:36:49 Christopher Hipgrave – As Warmly As Possible (from No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows)
01:42:36 Pines – Like Felled Ghosts Beneath Depthless Grey Skies (from The Field Journal EP)
01:48:48 Desolate Horizons – Deep, Quiet, And Alone (from Wide As The Golden Ocean)
01:58:34 Talk break