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AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 26, 2015) – Halloween Special

satanic mass

Had so much fun with last year’s Halloween Special, I decided to do the same thing again. I didn’t adhere too strictly to the “no metal” rule I had before, but there’s not a lot of metal here either way. Lots of weird samples, lots of layered stuff, tried to keep it creepy as fuck. Get ready to crap yer pants.

Actual warning: there’s some legitimately disturbing recordings in here including a botched execution, a rape victim recounting her experience, and interviews with serial killers. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


AGB Radio 2015/10/26 – Halloween Special

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00:00:00 Bill Fontana – Waves Breaking On Rocks Along The Northeast Australian Coast (from Field Recordings Of Natural Sounds)
00:01:00, 00:03:20 Israel Regardie – The Bornless Ritual (excerpt) (from The Golden Dawn Tapes Series)
00:01:34 Sleep Research Facility – A-Deck (from Nostromo)
00:06:18 The Ghost Orchid – Out Of This World (from An Introduction to EVP)
00:10:20 Cornell Laboratory Of Ornithology – Western Screech-Owl Pair Duet (from Voices Of North American Owls)
00:15:31 Oil Thief – Death Sieve (from Obsolescence & Mortality)
00:22:15 Mors Sonat – The Sweet Long Legs Of Hate (from Comforts In Atrocity)
00:22:53 Jack Sutton Contacting Dead Airmen (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007)
00:26:51 Alpha Otis O’Daniel Stephens’ Botched Execution (from The Georgia Execution Tapes)
00:29:12 Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Refuges From Black Magic (from Black Magic Cannot Cross Water)
00:36:33, 00:37:06 The Ghost Orchid – Not Enough There To Copy (from An Introduction to EVP)
00:37:48 Gyuto Monks – Sangwa Düpa (excerpt) (from Tibetan Buddhism Tantras Of Gyuto)
00:40:52 Vincent Price – How To Make A Pact With The Devil (excerpt) (from Witchcraft – Magic)
00:43:09 Ajilvsga – Death Eyes (from Buffalo Altar)
00:46:23 Anton LaVey – Satanic Bible – Book Of Satan Verse II (from The Satanic Mass)
00:54:05 Olhon – Groundless (-400m) (from Sinkhole)
00:56:06 The Ghost Orchid – All Your Sorrows (from An Introduction To EVP)
00:56:27 The Ghost Orchid – Dead Machines (from An Introduction To EVP)
00:56:34 The Ghost Orchid – Cosmic Race (from An Introduction To EVP)
00:57:25 Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – Danger Of Death (from Photographs)
00:58:41 Rudolf – My Corpses Decay (from Brainnectar)
01:01:46 Louise Huebner – The Demon Spell For Energy (from Seduction Through Witchcraft)
01:03:33 Ashanti & Ewe of Ghana – Akom (from Drums Of Death)
01:05:54 Cornell Laboratory Of Ornithology – Eastern Screech-Owl Begging Rasps, Chitter Call, and Chuckle Rattle (layered) (from Voices Of North American Owls)
01:08:23 Gates – Incantation (from The Prevailing Wind)
01:17:13 Jacob Kirkegaard – Church (from 4 Rooms)
01:24:13 Yoshi Wada – Part 2 (excerpt) (in reverse) (from Singing In Unison)
01:31:09 Aleister Crowley – Excerpts From The Gnostic Mass (from The Great Beast Speaks)
01:33:53 Deathstench – Putrescence Upon The Altar (from Incantations In Dead Tongues)
01:36:12 Peter Sotos – Trash (excerpt) (from Buyer’s Market)
01:40:17 UVB-76 transmission 2012-October-08-14-57-13
01:43:47 Excerpt from Henry Lee Lucas interview
01:46:33 English Heretic – The Injectors (from Mondo Paranoia)
01:49:33 Bokar Rimpoche Djémila – Praise Mantra For Milarepa (from Sacred Chants And Tibetan Rituals From The Monastery Of Mirik)
01:52:16 NRIII – Underground (from Solus Patior)
01:59:34 Excerpt from Ted Bundy interview

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 12, 2015)

big brave - au de la

nice blend of big & small sounds. and every single thing I played is the best. been jamming the new Perils, Black Wing, Wrekmeister Harmonies, HSY, Big Brave, and TPR & Sutekh Hexen records like crazzzzzy.


AGB Radio 2015/10/12

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Background music: Landing – Four Keys (Extended Mix) (from Body Diffuser EP)

00:00:00 Black Wing – Black Wing (from …Is Doomed)
00:04:35 Talk break
00:05:41 Brian Ellis & Brian Grainger – Cascade (from At Dusk)
00:08:56 Cara Stacey – Circadian Clocks (from Things That Grow)
00:13:07 Wrekmeister Harmonies – Run Priest Run (Extended) (from Night Of Your Ascension)
00:29:49 Talk break
00:32:02 Perils – Leveled (from Perils)
00:38:11 Kohoutek – Part I (from A Curious Aroma)
00:56:11 HSY – Valour (from Bask)
01:00:43 Talk break
01:01:46 Jon Mueller – A (from A Magnetic Center)
01:20:18 Lee Noble – Marble Shroud (from Un Look)
01:30:48 Talk break
01:31:25 Big Brave – (re)Collection, Part II (from Au De La)
01:44:19 Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen – Untitled 1 (from One Hundred Year Storm)
01:59:30 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 5, 2015)


Blues, gospel, and folk from this nation and others.


AGB Radio 2015/10/05

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00:00:00 Dorothy Lee, Norma Jean, & Shirley Marie Johnson (with Robert “Nighthawk” Johnson) – You Got To Give An Account (from Sorrow Come Pass Me Around: A Survey of Rural Black Religious Music)
Background music: Floyd Council – I’m Grievin’ And I’m Worryin’ (from Carolina Blues (1937-1947))
00:01:44 Talk break
00:03:05 Mae Glover – Woodchopping Blues (from Complete Recorded Works 1927-1931)
00:05:45 Joe Armstrong – Goodbye, Everybody (from Southern Journey 1: Georgia Sea Islands, Volume 1)
00:07:55 Rev. I.B. Ware – I Wouldn’t Mind Dying (from The Devil Is Busy In Knoxville)
00:10:51 Sichelski i Bachleda i Karol Stoch – Nie Bede Sie Zynl (from ’Spiew Juchasa: Songs of the Slavic Americans)
00:13:54 Unknown – Pistol Blues (from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 1 (1917-1927))
00:16:54 L. Winter – The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow (from Noah Found Grace)
00:19:30 Ethel Profit – I Got To Make It (from This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel on 45RPM, 1957-1982)
00:23:29 Talk break
00:24:38 Kings of Harmony Quartette – Fountain of Blood (from When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time: African-American Gospel, 1939-51)
00:26:52 Nissar Hussain Khan – Tarana Malkauns: Dir Dir Dim (from 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55)
00:30:16 Christine & Katherine Shipp – Sea Lion Woman (from A Treasury Of Library Of Congress Field Recordings)
00:31:24 Martha Saunders – I Wish I Was A Little Fish (from Peter Was A Fisherman: The 1939 Trinidad Field Recordings Of Melville And Francis Herskovits, Vol. 1)
00:32:40 Udi Hrant – Agin (from What Remains of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music 1928-1952)
00:36:47 Peetie Wheatstraw – All Alone Blues (from Devil’s Son-In-Law)
00:39:52 Jodlerkulb Thun – Alpufzug (from Brass Pins And Match Heads: International 78s)
00:42:56 Etta Baker – Bully Of The Town (from Instrumental Music Of The Southern Appalachians)
Background music: Lulu Jackson – Careless Love (from Last Kind Words (1926-1953))
00:45:51 Talk break
00:47:51 Washington Phillips – Denomination Blues Part 1 (from Take Me To The Water)
00:50:53 Skip James – Devil Got My Woman (from The Complete Early Recordings Of Skip James – 1930)
00:53:51 Sarah Gunning – Dreadful Memories (from Come All You Coal Miners)
00:56:47 Benasser Oukhouya and Cheikha Hadda Ouakki – Ha Howa Ha Howa (from Kassidat: Raw 45s From Morocco)
01:02:17 Charley Patton – High Water Everywhere (from The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of)
01:05:20 Primitive Baptist Choir of NC – I Love The Church O Lord (from When I Reach That Heavenly Shore: Unearthly Black Gospel 1926-1936
01:08:06 Mississippi Fred McDowell – Jim, Steam Killed Lulu (from Levee Camp Blues)
01:10:56 Talk break
01:11:55 Geeshie Wiley – Last Kind Words Blues (from American Primitive Vol. II: Pre-War Revenants (1897-1939))
01:14:53 Sister Ola Mae Terrel – Life Is A Problem (from Life Is A Problem… But Where There Is Life, There Is Hope)
01:17:29 Ma Kyi Aung – Mi Ba Myitta (from Longing For The Past: The 78 RPM Era In Southeast Asia)
01:20:35 Clement Nyamane & Sotho Men – Nkau Haka Khoele (from Opika Pende: Africa At 78 RPM)
01:23:32 Blind Blake – Rope Stretchin’ Blues (from I Woke Up One Morning In May)
01:26:31 Unknown – San Xian with 3 Vocals (from Streets Of Lhasa)
01:28:34 Mississippi John Hurt – Spike Driver Blues (from Anthology Of American Folk Music)
Background music: Sister Matthews – Stand By Me (from Fire In My Bones: Raw Rare + Otherworldly African-American Gospel (1944-2007))
01:31:47 Talk break
01:33:18 Rosie Mae Moore – Stranger Blues (from Mississippi Girls (1928-1931))
01:36:40 Whit Gaydon – Tennessee Coon Hunt (from Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time Good Time & End Time Music)
01:39:32 Bessie Jones – This Train Is A Clean Train (from Get in Union: Recordings by Alan Lomax 1959-1966)
01:42:14 4 Red Zao Women – Too Pouan Toy Tiemto (from Ethnic Minority Music Of North Vietnam)
01:43:10 Rev. R. Henderson – Up Above My Head (from Time Will Make A Change)
01:45:24 Lemuel Turner – Way Down Yonder Blues (from Turn Me Loose: Outsiders Of Old Time Music)
01:48:32 Roscoe Holcomb – Wayfaring Stranger (from Mountain Music Of Kentucky)
01:51:40 Anonymous Tuareg Elder – “Yali” War Song (from Secret Museum Of Mankind: Music Of North Africa)
01:54:00 Memphis Minnie – You Wrecked My Happy Home (from Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1)
01:56:37 Unknown – Sorban Palid (from I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore: 1927-1948 )
Background music: Big Bill Broonzy – I Got The Blues For My Baby (from Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order Vol. 1 (November 1927 to 9 February 1932))
01:58:15 Talk break