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AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 31, 2016) – Halloween Special


My favorite episode to do of the whole year. I spend way too much time putting this together but it’s so much fun. Like previous years, I give the start and end times for everything because there’s so much going on at once, but unlike previous years, I don’t specifically mention whenever I edited a piece to add reverb or reverse it or slow it down or anything like that because honestly I lost track.

No samples from botched executions this time, but still plenty of murder confessions and assault victim reports, EVP recordings, strange animal sounds, trance breathing, solar wind, abnormal heart beats, plus the usual black ambient, bleak industrial, and nightmare noise. I do my best to make this truly unsettling and I think I at least come close to accomplishing that goal.

You can check out the Halloween Specials from 2015, 2014, and 2013, but 2013 is just like a regular episode. 2014 was when I upped my game and started throwing in shit like the Jonestown Death Tape.



AGB Radio 2016/10/31 – Halloween Special

00:00:00 – 00:04:53 Sophia – Filth (from Spite)
00:04:34 – 00:05:03 Stephen Ettinger – Side A excerpt (from Canine Heart Sounds)
00:04:53 – 00:13:36 Siege Engine – I (from Heart Of A Pig Stuck With Pins And White Thorns)
00:12:57 – 00:13:22 David Berkowitz interview excerpt
00:13:22 – 00:20:09 Trepaneringsritualen – Deathward, To The Womb (from Deathward, To The Womb)
00:14:25 – 00:16:27 Alleluia (from Pictures of Sound – One Thousand Years of Educed Audio: 980-1980)
00:20:02 – 00:32:39 Symphonies Of The Planets 3 excerpt (from NASA Voyager Recordings: Symphonies Of The Planets)
00:20:33 – 00:21:41 2 Letter ‘El’ (from The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations)
00:23:40 – 00:24:46 Roger S. Payne – Slowed Down Solo Whale (from Songs Of The Humpback Whale)
00:25:37 – 00:26:18 Zubi Zuva – Breathing (from Jehovah)
00:25:55 – 00:30:13 Gania And Famu – Funerary Sung-Weeping (from Bosavi: Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea)
00:26:56 – 00:31:21 Diamánda Gálás – Wild Women With Steak-Knives (The Homicidal Love Song For Solo Scream) excerpt (from The Litanies Of Satan)
00:29:02 – 00:29:46 Stephen Ettinger – Side A excerpt (from Canine Heart Sounds)
00:31:53 – 00:32:12 Edmund Kemper interview excerpt
00:32:12 – 00:38:17 Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room excerpt (from I Am Sitting In A Room)
00:32:24 – 00:33:49 Radio Werewolf – Säuberung – (from The Vinyl Solution – Analog Artifacts: Ritual Instrumentals And Undercover Versions)
00:32:59 – 00:38:16, 00:39:18 – 00:43:59 Æther – Edifice Of Nine Sauvastikas order brand cialis online (from Edifice Of Nine Sauvastikas)
00:34:21 – 00:38:16 Charles M. Bogert – The Southern Toad, Voice Of Acris Gryllus Dorsalis, & Mating Call Of The Red-Spotted Toad (from Sounds Of North American Frogs)
00:38:19 – 00:39:27 David Zink interview excerpt
00:38:37 – 00:39:27 Juno Listens To Jupiter’s Auroras (from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
00:39:24 – 00:40:54 Maja Ratkje – Acid (from Voice)
00:40:37 – 00:43:13 Claude Johner – Fire! excerpt (from Good Morning, Vietnam)
00:42:13 – 00:48:06 The Lamas Of The Nyingmapa Monastery Of Dehra Dun – Part I excerpt (from Tibetan Ritual: Invocation To The Goddess Yeshiki Mamo)
00:43:13 – 00:48:54 Collin Olan – Rec01 excerpt (from Rec01)
00:44:35 – 00:49:34 Rudi Schneider – Trance-Breathing, Rec. London, England, 1933 (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007)
00:48:20 – 00:59:03 Merzbow – Seishi Seppuku Kei (from Music For Bondage Performance)
00:51:02 – 00:54:14 Czech Lady (from The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations)
00:54:32 – 00:54:41 Peter Sotos – Victims excerpt (from Buyer’s Market)
00:56:16 – 01:04:51 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock – Asshole/Snail Dilemma excerpt (from Asshole/Snail Dilemma)
00:56:51 – 00:57:09 Checkingson Sinclair confession excerpt
00:58:13 – 01:02:00 Einer Nielsen – Phantom Stimmen (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007)
01:01:48 – 01:08:50 Inade – Jamie Across The Water (from Burning Flesh)
01:07:46 – 01:08:00 Peter Sotos – Victims excerpt (from Buyer’s Market)
01:08:01 – 01:15:21 Stillingskerrkozletskynystrompetrus – Scorched Skeletal Remains (from Death Instruktions)
01:09:55 – 01:17:34 Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room excerpt (from I Am Sitting In A Room)
01:16:14 – 01:18:28 NON – A Taste Of Blood (from Blood & Flame)
01:18:14 – 01:25:59 Deutsch Nepal – Holistix: Links Between God And Human (from Deflagration Of Hell)
01:18:31 – 01:18:43 We Originate On A Planet (from The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction To EVP)
01:22:18 – 01:22:29 Peter Sotos – Victims excerpt (from Buyer’s Market)
01:25:19 – 01:35:06 Cities Last Broadcast – Architectôn (from The Cancelled Earth)
01:34:10 – 01:35:05 Triumph Of The Will Soundtrack excerpt
01:34:51 – 01:46:31 Stalaggh – Untitled excerpt (from Projekt Terrror)
01:45:59 – 01:50:24 Agata – Twilight Sinking (from Spike)
01:49:54 – 01:54:59 TRTRKMMR – Side A excerpt (from Avec La Souillure Nous Entrons Au Règne De La Terreur)
01:55:00 – 01:58:29 Paranormal Music, Rec. Liestal, Switzerland, 1968 (from Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences)
01:55:09 – 01:59:32 Édouard-Léon Scott De Martinville – Phonautograms From 1857 (from Pictures Of Sound – One Thousand Years Of Educed Audio: 980-1980)
01:57:46 – 02:00:00 Stephen Ettinger – Side A excerpt (from Canine Heart Sounds)

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 24, 2016)



Some of my true favorite dudes in this episode, Cody Yantis, K’an, Matt Christensen, Benoît Pioulard, Oren Ambarchi. And then that Insha debut? Goddamn. 100% awesome.


AGB Radio 2016/10/24

Background music: Kim Myhr – Milk Run Sky (from Bloom)

00:00:00 K’an (坎) – The Body (from Babel)
00:05:30 Talk break
00:06:42 Bear Bones, Lay Low – Lightning Eyelids (from Hacia La Luz)
00:22:23 Matt Christensen – Sometimes (from Honeymoons)
00:31:57 Talk break
00:32:40 Antti Tolvi – Leijunta 2 (from Leijunta)
00:52:28 Benoît Pioulard – I Walked Into The Blackness And Built A Fire (from The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter)
00:55:37 Insha – Everyman (from Dysplazia)
00:59:38 Talk break
01:00:46 Ishq – Niobi (from Fhorm)
01:12:31 David Newlyn – I’ll Walk Back Home (from Linen)
01:28:55 Talk break
01:29:55 Cody Yantis – Piece For Tape Loop & Synthesizer (from Cadence Annals)
01:37:24 Cyril Secq & Orla Wren – Deuxième Branche (from Branches)
01:42:16 Oren Ambarchi – Part 3 (from Hubris)
01:58:51 Talk break


VIDEO PREMIERE: Joe Clark – Sleeptalker



You might not have heard of Joe Clark yet, nor even the label releasing his new tape, Throw Me In The Susquehanna on Glowing Window Recordings, but that’s probably all gonna change real quick because Joe is that fucking good and Glowing Window has already put out some insanely awesome tapes. Joe Clark is out of Rochester, NY, he’s been messing around as the guitarist in post-hardcore band Druse, but this is (as far as I can tell) his first solo release, and it’s absolutely fucking glorious, a dreamy guitar drone that fills every corner of the room, either with its delicate delayed whispers or its euphoric wall of static, lifting you up off the sodden floorboards and sending you straight through the roof to unnameable places, acting like a Babylon Candle for when you can only feel the place you want to be even if you can’t imagine it. Joe’s got an incredible talent for working with the loud/quiet dynamic without making it obvious or clichéd, for evoking melancholy and decay without resorting to the crumbling tape loop sound, and for nailing it 100-fucking-percent every moment of Susquehanna‘s painfully short life.

This video for “Sleeptalker” (the lead single from the tape) is a surreal haunted look into a retro-future full of half-forgotten memories and buried emotions making exquisite use of found footage that includes NASA stress tests, young lovers, missing teeth, the ocean, sky, sun, trees, and a humungous fire. Beautiful in every way.

Throw Me In The Susquehanna is coming out super soon, like, hopefully within days. There’s only 50 copies and it’s dirt cheap ($6) considering it was professionally dubbed and has pro-printed j-cards. It’s currently available for preorder on Planning For Burial’s Big Cartel page, because the man behind PFB, Thom, is the man behind Glowing Window, although I’m pretty confident you’ll be able to grab it on GW’s Bandcamp page soon enough. Speaking of which, head over there and grab the two other releases GW has available, they’re fucking AMAZZZING and you can name your own price.

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 17, 2016)



Lots of beats, lots of dark drones, lots of dark droney beats.


AGB Radio 2016/10/17

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Background music: H.U.M. – Eternally Yours (from Trinity Way)

00:00:00 Haraam – Migration To The North (from The Sacrifice Of Will)
00:06:34 Talk break
00:07:58 Merchants – Offerings (from Merchants)
00:14:56 Kassem Mosse – Purple Graphene (from Disclosure)
00:20:52 Gnawed – Perdition (Death’s Disease) (from Pestilence Beholden)
00:28:52 Talk break
00:30:00 Lustmord – Astronomicon (from Dark Matter)
00:49:55 Kuedo – Breaking The Surface (from Slow Knife)
00:54:25 Oval – Ve (from Popp)
00:58:47 Talk break
00:59:34 Kane Ikin – Gestalt (from Basalt Crush)
01:06:04 Peder Mannerfelt – Clear Eyes, Full Heart (from Black Holes, Or How We Lost Solidarity)
01:12:14 It Only Gets Worse – Thaw (from Angels)
01:17:40 Crowhurst – Red Sands Of A Thousand Dead Planets (from Creeping Drip Of Failure)
01:28:11 Talk break
01:29:49 VVM as MRS VVMILLS – On The House At 43, Barncroft Close, Her Home For Many Years (from Between Nothingness & Eternity)
01:36:07 Hi:Emotions – Notu_Uronlineu (from Notu_Uronlineu)
01:44:12 Ital Tek – Sanctum (from Beyond Sight)
01:49:11 The Lone Bureaucrat – Bureau 05 (from Survival Behind The Curtain)
01:58:46 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 10, 2016)


The Shaun Hathaway record was made using recordings of his parents arguing over who gets custody of him and it’s fuckin crazy. Also there’s a double dose of new Midira releases, both of which are A+++.


AGB Radio 2016/10/10

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Background music: Valerio Tricoli – The Hallowed Receiver (from Clonic Earth)

00:00:00 Giulio Aldinucci – Los Ojos De (from Goccia)
00:07:02 Talk break
00:08:02 Moss Covered Technology – Susa (from Speicherbank)
00:16:03 Shaun Hathaway – Side B (from October)
00:31:10 Talk break
00:32:08 Rob Collier – Number 9 (from Ten Simple Pieces For Piano)
00:42:11 Aidan Baker, N, & Dirk Serries – Ritual II (from Enomeni)
00:58:54 Talk break
00:59:53 Birken – Oreophila (from Monstera)
01:17:51 Nevada Greene – Earthquake Hollow (from Ragged Hollow)
01:30:16 Talk break
01:31:24 Vysoké Čelo – Zniknął Cały Las (from Liście Na Księżycu)
01:42:31 Andrew Chalk – Across The Ocean (from Everyone Goes Home When The Sun Sets)
01:43:27 Asha Tamirisa – Callus (from Callus / Redux)
01:59:07 Talk break

AGB Radio

AGB Radio (October 3, 2016)


we got gospel drone, some more VDSQ solo acoustics, an upcoming Glowing Windows release, the new Vapor Lanes full length, and the return of Milton Bradley’s The End Of All Existence. unstoppable.

AGB Radio 2016/10/03

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Background music: HelloYello – Franc Is Low (w/o Interference) (from Make It Fantastic)

00:00:00 Belarisk – N) v)ic3, n) d474 (from Greys, Escaped)
00:06:29 Talk break
00:08:03 Rhein_Strom – Karlsruhe Hafen (from Von Der Rheinquelle Bis Hafen Karlsruhe)
00:14:19 J.H. Guraj – Oh Night (from Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town)
00:20:28 The End Of All Existence – Choir Of Devastation (from Part III)
00:26:47 Talk break
00:28:16 Carla Dal Forno – Fast Moving Cars (from You Know What It’s Like)
00:31:41 Embargo Effective Immediately – ‘Do Not Dwell With Heretics, And Do Not Have Anything To Do With Rulers’ (from Glone)
00:57:05 Talk break
00:58:38 Eola – And I Know (from Dang)
01:02:25 Eola – Future Hymns (from Dang)
01:05:21 Eola – B And O Blues (from Dang)
01:09:38 Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir – Night (from VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 14)
01:18:44 Katie Gately – Color (from Color)
01:27:51 Talk break
01:29:17 Vapor Lanes – Embers (from Hieratic Teen)
01:39:25 Monadh – Calanque (from Muara)
01:40:47 Stefan Christensen – Feminist (from American Pastoral Again)
01:47:57 Joe Clark – Border Passage (from Throw Me In The Susquehanna)
01:58:17 Talk break