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A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (August 23, 2017)

The Bark Haze / Traum record is a weird collab/split picture disc that plays from the inside out, ends in a locked groove, and each channel has one band’s music on it. So unless you’re playing the record through a mixer that lets you pan all the way to one channel, you’re listening to a collaboration between Bark Haze & Traum, but you’re technically able to listen to each band’s “side” separately. And I just found out it’s the second part of a 2001-themed trilogy (the other 2 records functioning the same way as this one), but they never ended up releasing the third one. The first one came out, though, and it’s with Windy & Carl and Heavy Winged! So now I totally need to get that too.

Also I was able to include some more timely political speeches, this time Nixon’s Watergate resignation speech. I hope to hear something similar in the near future.

A Thick Mist 2017/08/23

Background music: Blanck Mass – Rhesus Negative (from World Eater)

00:00:00 Robert Johnson – Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil) (from The Complete Recordings)
00:02:51 Talk break
00:06:13 Anhedonist – Ouranophobia (from The Drear)
00:19:28 Leon Redbone – Sheik Of Araby (from Double Time)
00:22:01 Bermuda Strollers – Ride Your Donkey (from Bermuda Strollers ’73)
00:24:53 Talk break
00:30:52 Ben Vida & Greg Davis – Working Model 1 (from Working Models)
00:32:34 Richard Nixon – President Nixon’s Watergate Speech, April 30, 1973 (from Watergate: The Break In)
00:38:00 Bokar Rimpoche – Mahakala Ceremony (from Sacred Chants And Tibetan Rituals From The Monastery Of Mirik)
00:48:56 Bark Haze / Traum – Side A (from Monolith: Jupiter)
00:58:46 Talk break
01:01:07 Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – The Boat / Into Hell (from Valhalla Rising Soundtrack)
01:04:36 Anton LaVey – The Satanic Mass (from The Satanic Mass)
01:12:52 Balakrishna Of Travancore – Srirama Ramani (from Ragas: Songs of India)
01:17:48 Eluvium – Time Travel Of The Sloth Parts I & II (from Jesu / Eluvium split)
01:24:31 Dion McGregor – The Mogul (from The Dream World Of Dion McGregor (He Talks In His Sleep))
01:28:59 Talk break
01:32:54 Ex Eye – Anaitis Hymnal; The Arkose Disc (from Ex Eye)
01:44:41 Horseback – Finale (from Impale Golden Horn)
01:46:11 Douglas Ecker – Swallowtail Jig (from More Path Rent)
01:49:00 Roy Simmons, Joy Niedo, & Roe Kahrahrah – B1-B8 (from Comanche Peyote Songs, Vol. 1)
01:58:24 Talk break
02:01:15 Robert Johnson – Stop Breakin’ Down Blues (Take 1) (from The Complete Recordings)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (August 16, 2017)

I picked up the Churchill record about a month ago not knowing how appropriate his WWII-era speeches would be this past week or two.

A Thick Mist 2017/08/16

Background music: Panicsville – Murdered Radio Wizard (from Imperfection Of The Organism)

00:00:00 Little Walter – Too Late (from Thunderbird)
00:02:45 Talk break
00:06:02 Moss – I Saw Them That Night (from Horrible Night)
00:16:54 Various Bulgarian artists – Side A1.1-A1.7 (from The Columbia World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music, Vol. XVII: Bulgaria)
00:17:57 Nicholas Szczepanik – Nostalgia / Over Your Dead Body / Long Gone (excerpt) (from We Make Life Sad)
00:29:46 Talk break
00:34:48 William Cody Watson – Untitled, In 6 Movements (from Bill Murray)
00:35:45 Winston Churchill – A1-A6.3 (from The Voice Of Winston Churchill)
00:56:05 Celestial Bloodshed – Spiraculum Mortis (from Ω)
01:02:16 Talk break
01:05:52 Svarte Greiner – Black Tie (from Black Tie)
01:06:55 Pope Paul VI – Side B (from The First Papal Mass In America)
01:25:00 Terence Hannum – Supreme Sacrilege (from Impiety)
01:28:00 Jim Nollman – Cello & Wolf Pack No. 1 / Vihuela – Cello And Pack (from Playing Music With Animals: Interspecies Communication Of Jim Nollman With 300 Turkeys, 12 Wolves And 20 Orcas)
01:30:56 Talk break
01:34:11 Mountains – The Whale Years (from Mountains Mountains Mountains)
01:35:22 Unknown Serrehule musicians – Dung N Kaheng (from African Flutes (Gambia))
01:39:49 Raymond Scott – Ohio Bell Mystery (from Three Willow Park (Electronic Music from Inner Space 1961–1971))
01:41:31 Giorgio Moroder – The Apartment (from American Gigolo Soundtrack)
01:44:00 John Pfeiffer – Forests (excerpt) (from Electronomusic – 9 Images)
01:48:40 Elizabeth Cotten – Look And Live, My Brother (from Elizabeth Cotten Vol. 2: Shake Sugaree)
01:52:30 Vukari – Her Bones Rattle In The Wind / A Hollow Promise (from Matriarch)
01:58:40 Talk break
02:01:51 The Kingsmen – To Be Alive (from One People)

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (August 9, 2017)

As of this episode, A Thick Mist is no longer an exclusively vinyl radio show. It’s still mostly vinyl. My attempts at hooking up the Kaoss Pads to the turntables at the radio station failed, so I was left with two Kaoss Pads and a lingering desire to use them for A Thick Mist. Enter: my iPod, iPad, and a beastly collection of digital music that I never played on AGB Radio. So now I can play up to four tracks live on the air, two of which can include digital versions of records that are impossible to find or prohibitively expensive. I’m pretty psyched about this.

Dug deep into the Heavenly Shore box set on Tompkins Square from a few years ago which was fun. Some of those sermons are just insane.

A Thick Mist 2017/08/09

Background music: Jack Dice – Murdered Out (from Block Motel)

00:00:00 Primitive Baptist Choir Of North Carolina – Fight On Your Time Ain’t Long (from When I Reach That Heavenly Shore (Unearthly Black Gospel 1926-1936))
00:02:46 Talk break
00:07:00 Subrosa – Despair Is A Siren (from For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages)
00:22:24 Unknown Congolese musicians – Wa-Bula-Matadi-Maxa-Cia-Kahia-Makusa (Fire Feet) / Tagati (Bewitched) / Hambuka Kunauga (African Love Ballad) (from Heartbeat Of The Congo!)
00:23:38 Hypnosis – Pineal Gland Room Tone (from Moon Of Death And Other Recent Works)
00:25:08 Grigoris Mathioudakis, Manolis Kartsonakis & Vassilis Kartsonakis – Omorfonios Psikhomakhi (from The World’s Musical Traditions, Vol. 11: Vocal Music In Crete)
00:30:37 Talk break
00:34:23 Eluvium – Memory Print Boutique (from Catalin)
00:36:19 Unknown artist – Side B (from Boston: Birthplace Of Liberty)
00:38:58 Alan Watts – Om (from Om: The Sound Of Hinduism)
00:40:25 Side A (excerpt) (from Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain & Pleasure)
00:53:34 Le Grand Maitre Franco – Pepe Ndombe Et Le T.P.O.K. Jazz – Anjela (from Attaquent Anjela)
01:02:46 Talk break
01:06:02 Ernst Wolff – Studio Auf Einer Reis’ (from German Students’ Songs)
01:07:48 Pyriphlegethon – Silence Of The Grave / Rising Of The Satanic Majesty (from Night Of Consecration)
01:11:43 Rev. A.W. Nix – Going To Hell And Who Cares (from When I Reach That Heavenly Shore (Unearthly Black Gospel 1926-1936))
01:13:13 Synergy – Artificial Intelligence (Monday, January 28, 1980) (from Computer Experiments, Volume 1)
01:15:44 Morris B. Abram – Side B (excerpt) (from An Address By Morris B. Abram, President Of Brandeis University, At The Century Plaza Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, June 26, 1969)
01:18:00 Tucker Martine – Morning Fanfare (from Broken Hearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica From Southeast Asia)
01:25:41 Carlos Montoya – Compas Calo (from Spontaneous Flamenco)
01:29:18 Talk break
01:34:13 Duane Pitre / Pilotram Ensemble – The Ensemble Chord In Eb With A Minor 7th And A Pump Organ Base (from Organized Pitches Occurring In Time)
01:36:03 Side B (from Calls Of The Bushveld)
01:36:42 Unknown Ashanti & Ewe musicians – Parago / Akom / Adva 1 / Adva 2 / Atokwe 1 (from Drums Of Death)
01:54:45 Jubilee Gospel Team – Don’t Know When Death Will Call For Me (from When I Reach That Heavenly Shore (Unearthly Black Gospel 1926-1936))
01:58:20 Talk break
02:02:33 Rev. J.C. Burnett with Sisters Lucille Smith & Fannie Cox – Great Day Of His Wrath Has Come (from When I Reach That Heavenly Shore (Unearthly Black Gospel 1926-1936))

A Thick Mist

A Thick Mist (August 2, 2017)

Got some strong Birdman vibes with the Stockhausen solo percussion alongside Julie Harris and I’m pretty happy with how well the Close Encounters score and King’s College Choir fell in the mix. Also definitely check out the Nordra debut on Sige. Excellent stuff. I’m shocked I only just heard the Laniakea record. It’s my new favorite thing, I’ve been listening to it nonstop, total ritual doomed space drone weirdness, I fucking love it.

A Thick Mist 2017/08/02

Background music: Second Woman – 300528mj1 (from Second Woman)

00:00:00 Old Grey Goose – Goose’s Minuet / Doug’s Waltz (from Maine Country Dance Music And Song)
00:02:59 Talk break
00:06:30 Volahn – Najtir Ichik (from Aq’Ab’Al)
00:19:25 Unknown artist – Huon Peninsula to Maclay Coast (from An Introduction To The Music Of New Guinea)
00:20:50 John Williams – The Abduction Of Barry (from Music From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind)
00:25:30 Part V (from Voices Of The Night: The Calls Of 34 Frogs And Toads Of The United States And Canada)
00:26:50 Ferdinand Murphy – Reel (from An Island Carnival: Music Of The West Indies)
00:30:57 Talk break
00:35:30 Nordra – Apologize To Me, Humanity (from Nordra)
00:37:34 Willam Byrd performed by The Choir Of King’s College – Mass For Five Voices (from Mass For 5 Voices / Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis From The Great Service / Ave Verum Corpus)
00:48:03 Laniakea – The Contagious Magik Of The Superabundance (from A Pot Of Powdered Nettles)
01:03:41 Talk break
01:06:01 Mississippi Fred McDowell – Mercy (from Live In New York)
01:13:08 Karlheinz Stockhausen performed by Christoph Caskel – Zyklus (from Zyklus • Refrain / Transición II)
01:13:56 Julie Harris – Side C (from The Belle Of Amherst)
01:25:54 Harvestman – Cromlech (from Music For Megaliths)
01:29:47 Talk break
01:33:38 Vukari – Ad Delirium II (from Divination)
01:39:39 Phurpa – Side B (from Rituals Of Bön II)
01:42:05 Dylan Thomas – Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines / After The Funeral (from Reading Volume 3)
01:51:23 Anlo Ewe musicians – Possession Sequence / Invocation / Drum Calls / Finale (from Drums Of West Africa: Ritual Music Of Ghana)
01:58:59 Talk break
02:01:21 Memphis Minnie – Stinging Snake Blues (from The Best Of Memphis Minnie And Kansas Joe Vol. 2)