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AGB Radio (February 8, 2016)

aidan baker - dualism album cover


Some crazy shit in this episode including unearthed Gagarin Kombinaatti jams, two Robyn Nice pseudonyms, and some weird abrasive Current 93 skree.


AGB Radio 2016/02/08

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Background music: Nihil Obstat – Scourge (from Scourge)

00:00:00 Harry Cologne – Sam 16 (from Loose Hill)
00:03:15 Talk break
00:04:11 Yong Yong – Escudo Negro (from Orson Welles’ Parents)
00:31:03 Talk break
00:31:35 Some Day Soon – Hmma (from Some Day Soon)
00:51:24 Fatima Al Qadiri – Power (from Brute)
00:56:06 Andrew Hung – Gladstone Park Gang (from Rave Cave 2)
01:01:00 Talk break
01:01:47 Mike Cooper – Bendigo To Kyoto (from New Kiribati)
01:11:09 Current 93 – There Is A Graveyard That Dwells In Man (from The Moons At Your Door)
01:26:41 Talk break
01:28:01 Aidan Baker – Consciousness Bridge (from Dualism)
01:52:02 Gagarin Kombinaatti – Osat (from 83-85)
01:58:09 Talk break

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