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AGB Radio (March 7, 2016)

jake blanchard - shade album cover


Recently discovered Father Lemon. You should definitely check this dude out.


AGB Radio 2016/03/07

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Background music: Faust Ghoul – Horror (from Suicide Shower)

00:00:00 Braeyden Jae – Obscured And Waiting (from Fog Mirror)
00:05:58 Talk break
00:07:39 Monastery – A Snowstorm Descends Upon A Sleepy Town (from Peculiar Storms)
00:13:30 Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish – Storm Sinks Boat (from Expecting)
00:28:15 Talk break
00:29:39 Sophia – Quiet Darkness (from Unclean)
00:34:37 Forrest Fang – Not Forgotten (from The Sleepwalker’s Ocean)
00:45:19 Greenhouse – Failed Tropics (from The Sound The Sky Makes)
00:57:43 Talk break
00:58:38 Jake Blanchard – Submerged (from Shade)
01:10:01 Father Lemon – 2ko1 (from Putrescentrainbow)
01:23:02 Jason Van Wyk – Stay (from Attachment)
01:27:01 Talk break
01:28:35 Lesley Flanigan – Hedera (from Hedera)
01:48:53 Kedr Livanskiy – Razrushitelniy Krug (Acappella) (from January Sun)
01:49:59 Sarah Neufeld – A Long Awaited Scar (from The Ridge)
01:58:57 Talk break

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  1. Razvan says:

    I really like Monastery. Keep producing great shows. Thank you!

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