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AGB Radio (May 9, 2016)

carlson stirling theriault - aakash album cover

Death Grips was an admittedly strange choice to put between those last two songs, but I couldn’t help it.


AGB Radio 2016/05/09

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Background music: Degtras – Ancient Forest (from Hominidae Resonance)

00:00:00 Ash Koosha – Hex (from I AKA I)
00:02:40 Talk break
00:03:57 Lea Bertucci – Axis/Atlas (from Axis/Atlas)
00:16:29 Mikael Seifu – The Solipsist (from Zelalem)
00:24:08 Ramzi – OO (from For Haku)
00:28:35 Animalia – Fever Dream (from (dissonance))
00:30:40 Talk break
00:31:57 Sea Of Bones – Silent Transmissions (from Silent Transmissions)
00:59:23 Surachai – Light Drinker (from Instinct And Memory)
01:02:13 Talk break
01:03:34 Matt Carlson, Michael Stirling, & Doug Theriault – Clouds Into Midnight (from Aakash)
01:23:55 Sarah Davachi – A Garden, An Orchard (from Dominions)
01:30:26 Talk break
01:31:49 Loren Connors & Clint Heidorn – Light (from Light)
01:46:44 Death Grips – Trash (from Bottomless Pit)
01:49:33 Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – No Words I (from No Words)
01:59:27 Talk break

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