Here They Come

Lounging on that couch are the records which have been sent to me during my time of over-worked sadness. They are the records which I shall soon share with you, the records which you will soon be enthralled with. This photo is a preview & manifesto, showing you what’s in store and encouraging me to set time aside to finally listen to those motherfuckers.

There’s some Experimedia records, a batch of 12 Stunned tapes, stuff from Rubber City Noise, the freshly re-established Haute Magie, Copy For Your Records, Tape Drift, Dynamo Sound Collective, Ghetto Naturalist Series, Galtta, Full Of Nothing, Under The Spire, and a brand new Nicholas Szczepanik full length on Streamline that’s going to make you weep. And that’s just the promo stuff! That’s not including anything I collected on my own, like the new Keith Fullerton Whitman / Ben Vida split, the debut from Giles Corey, Sway, and a ton of other awesome shit.

So there’s plenty of coolness on the way. Just gotta keep your eyes peeled and be patient. Thanks for sticking around.

4 Responses to “Here They Come”

  1. treakiepop says:

    Take yr time man…… -__-

  2. christopher says:

    That Black Swan lp is good stuff.

  3. saturn says:

    man, those Stunned tapes are just so great. Could be me favorite Stunned batch yet, and that’s saying a lot!

  4. c. says:

    I’m tellin’ ya, you may be floored by that new Super Minerals tape. It rules.

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