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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. I got a real top notch job. Gonna be an archivist at Simmons College. See, I’m in the graduate program at Simmons for archiving and they hired me for a full time position to archive shit and manage the student workers. There’s so many reasons this job is the best fucking thing ever, like regular hours, holidays off, benefits, tuition reduction…

Also, I’m done with my old job at CinemaSalem and have some time off between now and when I start at Simmons, so I’m taking a little MUCH needed vacation. And you know I like to post mixes before I go do my thing. This one’s called HOTSHOT ’cause that’s me baby. BAM.

Part of what I’m going to do on this vacation is figure out how Anti-Gravity Bunny needs to change in order for me to continue blogging. Basically, since I’ll be working the 9-5 deal with a long commute, AGB can’t be the same, I’m just not sure what I need to do to still make it work. But fear not, loyal nerds, I’ll come back with a genius plan and all will be well. Now…

Download HOTSHOT
1. starcircleanatomy – Unline
2. Maria Minerva – California Scheming
3. Wet Hair – Cosmic Radio
4. Mind Over Mirrors – You Ain’t Reeling
5. Foot Village – Protective Nourishment (BIG A little a Remix)
6. Nordic Soul – Wasserfall
7. Ezekiel Honig – Seaside Pastures Part 2
8. Floris Vanhoof – Electronic Mantra
9. Myrmyr – Hot Snow Part I
10. Matt Davis & Javier Reséndiz – Ode To The Tomato
11. Asva – Birds

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  1. Peter says:

    Congrats dude! Hope to see a genius plan in effect soon, your voice is important in this music community.

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