Rambutan – The Temple Of Echo (Tape Drift, 2011)

September 6, 2011

RambutanEngaged In The Ritual (Tape Drift)

Rambutan’s version of bedroom pop. His fuzzed out guitars mixed with electronics & drum machines make a looped out beat dream sounding like he took the same drugs Eric Copeland is on. Space caves dripping with old school avant-garde, stuttered glitch jams, hidden tribes worshipping motorik jungle sounds, crystals refracting psych solos, squiggly snake charms dancing in opium dens, slowed down NES tunes set to unsettling lurching, beautiful drones, intense nightmares, songs new & old that come together in a shockingly cohesive album. Totally fucking cool, a record with endless replay value and perfect for every occasion between sleeping and partying.

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