Szymon Kaliski – For Isolated Recollections (Hibernate, 2011)

September 7, 2011

Szymon KaliskiWhen Facing North (Hibernate)


A magnificent follow up to his debut, Out Of Forgetting. Cold, sparse, and hidden textures opening up a world of revered memories and rainy days. Pianos whimper in the corner while unrecognizable field recordings scratch up against old wallpaper. Stuck in gray fields with a sliver of gold lighting up the horizon. Lonely, exhausted sounds sprawled out on beautifully minimal canvases. Tiny processed clicks shack up next to complementary keys, not bogged down with excessive bullshit. A crystal clear hi-fi production matching a vision just as clear. Wonderful on every level. Part of Hibernate’s limited Postcard Series but, sadly, sold out. Luckily, you can name your price for it over at Bandcamp.

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