Talkingmakesnosense – Coruscates

September 27, 2011

A new album by Glaswegian Talkingmakesnosense came out a couple weeks ago on Rural Colours but this video for the title track has already been around a while. Guy likes to plan ahead, I guess. Judging by this piece, though, Coruscates is gonna be a fuckin stunner.

The video is an astounding kaleidoscopic piece of brilliance, “inspired by the light phosphenes that you experience when your eyes are closed.” I see some cool stuff when I close my eyes… but nothing like this. Is there any way to fix that? Science?

The coolest part of this is that “the entire video was created by filming and affecting light reflections from the river Clyde.” It’s like watching a melting snowflake slideshow set to a glowing Mountainsy ambience. It’s beautiful visually & aurally, and it’s almost 12 minutes long so grab a chair.

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2 comments on “Talkingmakesnosense – Coruscates

  1. YEAH~! I’ve been listening to this one on his bandcamp site for weeks. it is SO gorgeous. highly recommended.

  2. amazing album indeed

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