Jefferson Pitcher – Now The Deer (Tape Drift, 2011)

September 28, 2011

Jefferson PitcherThe Invisibility Of Animals (Tape Drift)

Essentially a Pitcher guitar album but he’s joined by a buncha pals like Boston’s Mike Bullock who takes aim with his contrabass, and previous collaborator Christian Kiefer helps out with pianos n banjos n such. So now it’s a delicate guitar record with a heavy dose of ambient concrete. Click & crunch, field recordings, mumbled whispers, resonating, shaking, all adding to the overwhelming beauty. Pitcher’s guitar is slow, buy cialis safe online calculated, and wide open, like Malick’s Days Of Heaven with an understated intensity and long takes of waving wheat fields glowing in the sun. Now The Deer came out at the beginning of the year and I still haven’t heard anyone talking about it. This is criminally underrated, a shining centerpiece on 2011’s mantle (with some seriously sweet packaging, each one with a different photo Pitcher took in Spain housed in a vellum envelope).

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