Coma Bliss Mix

Coma Bliss

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My father in law is in a coma. He fell and broke his neck. So what I normally do in times such as these is make a mix (dual purpose: for myself, for AGB). He’s hardly responsive at all, but there is a little glimmer every now and then, opening an eye, moving a foot, etc. I thought about what it must be like to be in a coma and hoped it sounded like this mix. Complete and utter bliss. The most beautiful music I can think of. I hope this is what it’s like for him right now.

I don’t know if I’ll be too pre-occupied to blog for a little bit or if I’ll be writing up a storm to keep my mind off things, but either way I don’t imagine any posts until at least after Thanksgiving. I hope this 82 minute mix will keep you company until I return.

UPDATE: he’s conscious!

Download Coma Bliss
1. Eluvium – New Animals From The Air
2. Kyle Bobby Dunn – Canyon Meadows (Long)
3. Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Great Northern Sigh
4. Aquarelle – A Strange Sweet Woe
5. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Where I End & You Begin
6. Polmo Polpo – Romeo Heart
7. Jannick Schou – Act Of Shimmering
8. Mountains – Telescope
9. Lawrence English – Soft Fuse
10. The Golden Sores – Ondine
11. Belong – A Sunny Place For Shady People
12. Windy & Carl – Sunrise

4 Responses to “Coma Bliss Mix”

  1. Lawdrone says:

    Dang, that sucks. Please send my best to the Argyle Whale.

  2. Chris says:

    So sorry to hear this news. And right around Thanksgiving too. Hope things turn around for the better. I really enjoy your website, and hope you make it through OK as well.

  3. red lipstick says:

    Sounds so sad especially round Thanksgiving. While we were married my now xhusband was in a coma for three weeks and everything turned out okay. Hope you have the same results. Life is really so very fragile…cherish your loved ones. Love your writings and your blog come here often for reviews.

  4. Nick Francis says:

    Best hopes and luck in such a terrible situation

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