Good Weather For An Airstrike – Underneath The Stars (Hibernate, 2012)

February 8, 2012

Good Weather For An AirstrikeCast Aside (The Briefest Of Pauses) (Hibernate)

This dude, Tom Honey from the UK, has a vision. And it’s one I am fucking psyched about. He drones in ways that I want everyone to drone. His music is as serene as heaven itself. Overwhelmingly understated minimal drones, like Windy & Carl at their most subdued, or Eluvium on codeine, just steady innocuous loops that blow your mind with their subtleties. It’s the sound of air, sitting motionless above freshly greened treetops in the spring, almost completely unmoving, save for the warmth of the sun stirring the currents a bit. This is quiet purity, perfection on top of perfection. Don’t let the outside world ruin this for you. It’s meant for you, and you alone. Immerse yourself in it and you will be a better person.

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One comment on “Good Weather For An Airstrike – Underneath The Stars (Hibernate, 2012)

  1. This song just brought me to tears.

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