Not like I enjoy Facebook or anything, but people seem to use it a lot. So hey, now Anti-Gravity Bunny is on Facebook. Actually, I’ve been there for a little while, I just forgot to let you guys know.

I try to share other cool shit on my Facebook page that I don’t post about here, so there is a little extra content.

And now I’m on Pinterest. I post pictures of bunnies and buildings collapsing. Also, albums that I own/want/look cool.

And I’m on Twitter, which you might already know.

Yup. Social media overload.

3 Responses to “AGB+”

  1. “Joined Facebook
    October 25, 2010”

    Yeah man, you forgot to tell us, like, over a year ago. :(

  2. Also, is pinterest worth joining? Now that you and Dan Barrett are on there it seems awfully tempting now.

  3. antigravitybunny says:

    I actually set up a Facebook page just to get my name there, never did anything with it until recently. As for Pinterest, I’m actually really loving it and wishing there were more people of our style on there. Everybody’s all flowers and salads and shit. We need to storm the fucking castle.

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