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Mind Over Mirrors – Check Your Swing (Hands In The Dark, 2012)

Mind Over MirrorsSecond Nature (Hands In The Dark)

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Pure fucking bliss. Jaime Fennelly drops a full length of new material that’s ripe for mind blowing. Last year he put out one of my favorite drone records, The Voice Rolling, so naturally I had high expectations for this. Not let down in the slightest. Basically any harmonium drone record is gonna get me psyched though so I guess he’s kinda got it easy. But seriously, this dude knows how to process his harmonium and make it sing the beautiful song. Check Your Swing isn’t just more of the same though, this time Fennelly is taking a bit of a Mountains approach, where his last record was super organic, here he’s gone a bit bloopy & sci-fi while still retaining the organic feel, like some real eXistenZ type shit, lush & buzzy with rhythms a hair too slow for dancing but perfect for spacing out & soaring, dense warm washes of digital reeds soaking up the sun then hiding under a mushroom, the complete opposite of a Cylon, an electronic shell with a bio-core, a perfect hybrid. Basking in the glory of MOM’s incredible harmonium drones is the only way to spend the rest of your life, so don’t mess up by skipping out on this.

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