Aeronaut – Coronal Mass (Fabrica, 2013)

February 6, 2013

Aeronaut – Coronal Mass One (Fabrica)

If there’s any justice, this is gonna get mad praise, because this tape is the fucking best. Aeronaut is Steve Fors, half of the criminally underrated The Golden Sores, and Coronal Mass is, hopefully, his breakout record. Two side-long tracks of limitless bliss, synths floating through dark matter on its way to the brightest supernova, soft glowing static making way for restrained guitar feedback, majestic but not ostentatious, the dude goes all out shimmer & shine but (with the exception of the climax) is still refined, not show-offy or gloating, just pure drone joy, the kind that puts you at ease with it’s gloriousness, but to be honest the final half of the second side does get pretty rowdy, incorporating what sounds like some of Fors’ vocals, some deep space angel holding your hand through the golden stardust, and the feedback ramps up, blurs your vision, and effortlessly sends you soaring through hyperspace, stars & planets streaking by, wholly submerged in euphoric drones. The (second) best part about Coronoal Mass is that it comes in a beautiful hand-assembled/hand-painted wooden box, edition of 50, for only $10. Buy two and give one to your friend. Trust me.

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One comment on “Aeronaut – Coronal Mass (Fabrica, 2013)

  1. Hey, man. I bought this download and another Aeronaut release off of your recommendation. You are batting a thousand, man. This stuff really scratches that deep down drone itch. Keep on keepin’ on.

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