You’re All The Fucking Best – AGB 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

On February 20th, Anti-Gravity Bunny will turn 5 (and I’ll turn 28). From day one on Blogger, AGB has always been first and foremost something I’ve done for myself. No offense to you guys, but I started writing about records because I would get super excited about really cool shit and wanted to share with some anonymous internetters. The fact that there are people out there who cared (and still care) about my enthused incoherent ramblings continues to surprise me.

So AGB has turned into this perfectly symbiotic relationship where we’re both happy and neither of us ask too much of each other. I appreciate that. None of you are exploding my email box asking for more content or wishing I’d get back to my roots (whatever the fuck that would even mean I don’t know) and I just post about records and wet my pants every time I get a comment. It’s like we were made for each other. This mutual kindness deserves acknowledgement and celebration.

I asked some of my most favoritest artists that I’ve discovered & befriended over the past 5 years to contribute an unreleased original piece of music that I would gather into a free digital compilation of new exclusive awesomeness. I’m calling it You’re All The Fucking Best because obviously. This seemed like the perfect gift for both you and me. I can’t even tell you how fucking psyched I am about this. It’s basically the coolest thing ever. That image up there shows you who’s contributed so far (I’m still waiting on a few more but we’re already at an hour and 45 minutes) and let me just tell you that every track is a goddamn slice of heaven.

So this post is just an announcement. The official comp will drop on the 20th (if all goes according to plan). If you’re like me, that means you have 12 days to hyperventilate, shit yourself, and scream your throat raw until you can devour this bitchin comp.

And I would be a total jackass if I didn’t remind yall of the crazy cool show I’m putting on also in celebration of my 5 years. The Saturday after You’re All The Fucking Best gets released, 2/23, it’s party time at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. High Aura’d, Planning For Burial, Giles Corey, and Ehnahre will all be playing. And maybe, mayyyybe, if I can get my shit together, I’ll have a few handmade copies of this comp that I’ll hand out to the first people who show up. How’s that for incentive? This show was already worth the trek regardless of where you’re coming from, now even more so? I can’t even handle this. I’m freaking out just thinking about it. Nothing but good times ahead.

5 Responses to “You’re All The Fucking Best – AGB 5 Year Anniversary Compilation”

  1. “12 days to hyperventilate, shit yourself, and scream your throat raw” – started already! Great idea & line-up…

  2. bugsbunny says:

    yes! definitely way excited for this show, love the lineup and can’t wait to see them all together. keep doing what you do.

  3. Gabe says:

    I just found out all about your music reviews through the NPR music app. Your 2008 reviews and best of the year really was so ear opening that I had I google you,Instagram search(I added and tagged you on ig) etc..
    I am looking forward to your new release , your comp/mix tape is actually somthing I’m looking forward to! Between the new neurosis, mischief brew, japanther, old iron maiden and the old 97s in my weekly rotation I want to add your comp indefinitely. Your reviews are all solid opinions and amazing views. The detail you give on NPR programs really have me some depth to your ear drums, your opinions are definitely wanting to be heard by me .

  4. PJB says:

    This is all so fucking cool! Happy Anniversary!!

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