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Saåad – Orbs & Channels (Hands In The Dark, 2013)

SaåadHieronimus (Hands In The Dark)

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Top of the fucking line right here you guys. This French duo, who took part in Sustained Layers, that three way intercontinental collaboration with EUS and Postdrome last year that made my Top Drone list, are back with tape of pure melancholic bliss. Huge drones on this, majestic and perfect in every way, like a dense fog rolling on from the shore in the middle of the night, foreboding as fuck, like everything’s about the go down the drain, the breath of Lucifer almighty on the back of your neck, dank walls echoing dejected howls, waves of depressing drones inducing hypnosis, horrifically satisfying with harmonies peaking through the darkness, sounds with no origin that just hover in the air, bittersweet & overwhelmingly gorgeous, a massive heartache of a record that’ll make you weep, Orbs & Channels sweeps me up with my favorite sounds, I can’t love this any more. Limited tapes on HITD are almost gone, so grab one while you still can, or if you miss out, Saåad have put it up for name-your-price style download on Bandcamp.

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