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Fabio Orsi & Pimmon – Procrastination (Home Normal, 2013)

fabio orso and pimmon procrastination album cover
Fabio Orsi & PimmonI Wish You Were In Yallingup (Home Normal)

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Unbelievably amazing debut collaboration between these two drone gurus, the lushest heavy-hearted bliss I’ve heard all year, an ocean of sound growing larger every moment, lazer peepers floating in the glowing dusk like some extended post contact scene in The X-Files, wondering if what just happened really happened and relishing in the bewildering peace, subtle crackle from half memories, unmistakably gorgeous dreams of the Netherworld where emotions burrowed deep in your psyche are coaxed out by the bittersweet beauty, swirling & overwhelming, euphoric & cathartic, like being bathed in golden black rivers of transcendence, this is a perfect goddamn record that somehow tops both of the artists’ prior work, and painfully limited to 250 vinyl and 500 CDs, so do what you do best and add this masterpiece to your collection.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Definitely my favorite drone of 2013. Excellent stuff. Am I the only person who doesn’t understand limited editions? Isn’t it a bad thing when people want to buy your stuff but can’t? But I digress.

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