Svarte Greiner – Black Tie (Miasmah, 2013)

May 9, 2013

svarte greiner - black tie album cover
Svarte Greiner – Black Tie (Miasmah)

Erik K. Skodvin’s Svarte Greiner project gets creepier & creepier, this new LP on his own Miasmah label is some harrowing shit, two side long pieces of dark string drone perfect for tuxedoed occult rituals, comatose bass string plucks on top of haunted smears, hushed unintelligible clatter behind the scenes buy cialis new york adding to the mystery, black bliss, slowmo static fog rolling through valleys of bleak & bittersweet depression, murky & crystal clear, floating in the deep sea ink, a minimal motionless nightmare that you never wake from, perfectly exquisite in every way, only 500 each of LPs & CDs, so don’t snooze.

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One comment on “Svarte Greiner – Black Tie (Miasmah, 2013)

  1. That really is pretty creepy. Beautiful though, no doubt.

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