Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure (Bondage, 1965?)

May 13, 2013

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Download Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure

This is a wacky one you guys. And also hilarious. A 100% fake rendition of some BDSM recordings, it’s got moaning & crying, whipping & slapping, all that sexy stuff, except it’s not sexy. It sounds like some dude (or lady) cracking a whip and timing their yelp semi-appropriately. It’s just kinda funny that this is what someone would put on in the 60s to get in the mood or whatever. Strange times. There’s no music save for a very buy non generic cialis short bit at the end of both sides. There’s definitely a musical quality, though, the whips are pretty rhythmic and they sound like some 80s industrial snares, ripe for sampling. Not sure who is gonna download this or why, but there’s probably plenty of fellow weirdos out there interested. So, cheers.

On a technical note, both sides had multiple bands, but there was no tracklisting, and I didn’t see a compelling reason to split up the tracks, so there’s just two side long mp3s.

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One comment on “Tortura: The Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure (Bondage, 1965?)

  1. You do not seem to give a download link to the full album ?

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