Hiss Tracts – Shortwave Nights (Constellation, 2014)

May 14, 2014

hiss tracts - shortwave nights album cover
Hiss TractsShortwave Nights (Constellation)


Hopefully you’ve heard of this already because of the people involved and because it’s on Constellation but if not, here’s what you’re missing. David Bryant from Godspeed You! Black Emperor & the painfully underrated Set Fire To Flames and Kevin Doria from the late great Growing and, more recently, the massive minimal drone of Total Life, have joined forces to become an otherworldly duo reigning ambient supreme. This is some seriously incredible shit, way better than you would have even hoped from a collab like this, these guys bring their creeping magic together and make some beautifully dark http://www.honeytraveler.com/pharmacy/ harrowing bliss out of fluttering piano, buzzing drone, haunted radio transmissions, whispered creak & crackle, and infinite fucking texture, this is goddamn perfect, sounds from the other side of the apocalypse, a post civilization decay seething throughout, shards of light poking through the gloom and offering moments of hope amidst the crumbling sadness, intense but never overwhelming and always with a somber ease (ok maybe it gets a little overwhelming once but it’s the fucking best). Top fucking notch. Truly hope this isn’t a one off because it would break my heart if this was all we ever heard from these guys.

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