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AGB Radio (July 14, 2014)

Fuckin Mamaleek, you guys. Number one black metal record this year, easy. Also, that Gog song has one of the best titles.

AGB Radio 2014/07/14

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/Background music/ Matt Baldwin – Golden Twins (from Golden Twins)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:47 Mamaleek – Poor Mourner’s Got A Home (from He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word)
00:10:38 Braeyden Jae – An Arm Pulled Through (from Heaven House)
00:17:36 Dama/Libra – The Chant (from Claw)
00:24:09 EUS – Reviraje I (from Reviraje)
00:27:09 Talk break
00:28:21 Foie Gras – Ascetic Vows (from Held)
00:34:52 Telecult Powers – A Wish For Ouisch (from Black Meditations)
00:41:58 Auburn Lull – Static Partition (from Hiber)
00:45:52 Taiga Remiains – Skin, Leaves (from Works For Cassette)
00:55:36 Talk break
00:57:04 Schemawound – Your First Wormhole (from A Young Person’s Guide To Time Travel)
01:04:04 The Tobacconists – A Secret Place (from A Secret Place)
01:09:38 Peter J. Woods – Impure Gold (from Impure Gold, Pt. I)
01:14:26 Trepaneringsritualen – Feral Me (from Papist Pretender)
01:18:30 Gog – Before You Go We’d Love To Tear You To Fucking Pieces (from Gog)
01:25:52 Talk break
01:27:04 Blood Bright Star – Pale Sphere Apparition (from The Silver Head)
01:33:25 Ben Chasny – Black Sand (from Black Sand / Wedding Song)
01:38:22 Keaton Henson – Nearly Curtains (from Romantic Works)
01:40:55 Sublamp – Bramble And Thorn (from Lianas)
01:58:03 Talk break

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