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AGB Radio (August 11, 2014)

Can’t believe how good the new Trepaneringsritualen full length is. Crazy awesome stuff.

AGB Radio 2014/08/11

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/Background music/ The Gerogerigegege – Gay Holtel Ultra (from Hotel Ultra)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:52 Antwon – Baby Hair (from Heavy Hearted In Doldrums)
00:03:50 Shabazz Palaces – They Come In Gold (from Lese Majesty)
00:07:11 Young Thug feat. Quavo – Sub Zero (from 1017 Thug 2)
00:11:06 Drowse – Needing (from Songs To Sleep On)
00:14:06 Demdike Stare – 40 Years Under The Cosh (from Testpressing #006)
00:20:07 Talk break
00:21:14 Trepaneringsritualen – He Who Is My Mirror (from Perfection & Permanence)
00:26:27 [ˈɡlasnəsʲtʲ] – Beta Triangle (from The Old World)
00:33:46 Yob – Unmask The Spectre (from Clearing The Path To Ascend)
00:49:06 Talk break
00:49:50 Hobo Cubes – Flowers Lay Dormant (from Memories)
00:55:00 drcarlsonalbion – Gold VII (from Gold)
00:58:00 Keeper – As It Needs To Be… (from MMXIV)
01:06:16 Dinner Music – The Coffin Maker Speaks (from Tomb Of Comb)
01:09:32 Botanist – Leucadendron Argenteum (from VI: Flora)
01:15:35 Drose – Finger On It (from Finger On It)
01:18:54 Talk break
01:20:20 Possessor – Limb From Limb (from Electric Hell)
01:23:38 Sunfighter – Midnight Suns (from Golden Eagle Of Illumination)
01:33:33 Makthaverskan – Slowly Sinking (from Makthaverskan II)
01:36:31 Talk break
01:37:13 Strange Mountain – Grizzly Kids (from Ancient Eyes)
01:40:28 Sleeping Peonies – Opal (from Opal)
01:42:35 Terence Hannum – If Only You Know What Darkness I Am Plunged Into (from Via Negativa)
01:58:14 Talk break

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