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AGB Radio (September 1, 2014)

Elisa Ambrogio’s solo debut is like my new favorite thing. <3 <3 <3   AGB Radio 2014/09/01

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Background music: Alpha Wave Movement – Cloud Sculptures & Desert Dust (from Archaic Frontiers)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:37 Elisa Ambrogio – Far From Home (from The Immoralist)
00:05:09 Drophead vs. Silent Land Time Machine – II (from From Ashes Comes The Day)
00:16:13 Mlimani Park Orchestra – title unknown (from Tanzania Heritage Project)
00:21:23 Rivulets – Ride On, Molina (from Ride On, Molina)
00:28:35 Talk break
00:29:57 Dan’l Boone – Mindface (from Dan’l Boone)
00:33:36 Last Ex – Girl Seizure (from Last Ex)
00:36:24 Lewis Hairston – Bile Them Cabbage Down (from Virginia Traditions: Non-Blues Secular Black Music)
00:39:01 David Shea – Green Dragon Inn (from Rituals)
00:53:35 Popol Vuh – Wanderschaft-Wanderings (from Letzte Tage – Letzte Nächte)
00:59:30 Talk break
01:00:36 Christophe Bailleau – Put My In Your (from Sonic Pool Hypnose Club)
01:08:27 Sid Hemphill – The Devil’s Dream (from The Devil’s Dream)
01:11:34 Clipd Beaks – Fkwrk (from Fkwrk)
01:14:46 0 – Black Elf (from Simplifying A Demon)
01:21:37 Bugskull – Icarus Rising (from Collapsed View)
01:26:32 Windy & Carl – Set Adrift (from Depths)
01:32:54 Talk break
01:34:36 Pip Proud – They Took Us All So Kindly (from A Fraying Space)
01:39:07 Vibracathedral Orchestra – Magnetic Burn (from The Queen Of Guess)
01:43:06 Mary Butler – Electric Chair Blues (from Mississippi Girls (1928-1931))
01:45:52 Akemi Ishijima – Time Drops (from Time Drops)
01:51:02 Earth – There Is A Serpent Coming (from Primitive And Deadly)
01:59:00 Talk break

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