AGB Radio

AGB Radio (November 3, 2014)

Extra droney set this time. <3   AGB Radio 2014/11/03

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Background music: Kink Gong – GongAside (from Gongs)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:31 Billy Gomberg – The Present Until It’s Tangible (from Certain Words Again And Again)
00:15:22 Sindre Bjerga – No Jazz (from Future Jazz Loops)
00:24:29 Kim Hiorthøy – Hands (from Dogs)
00:28:55 Talk break
00:29:47 Parashi – Fossilized Car (from Tovarich)
00:44:34 Pascal Savy – Aurora (from Adrift)
00:52:28 Hunted Creatures – Whisper Bullets (from Mogollon Rim)
00:58:20 Talk break
00:59:17 Ennio Mazzon – CeriseIcicles (from CeriseIcicles)
01:18:54 Karla Borecky – Structure (from Still In Your Pocket)
01:27:21 Talk break
01:28:14 K’an – Sphere II (from Mutation III: Spheres)
01:31:43 Nathan McLaughlin – Process (from Nothing To Be Sad About)
01:37:04 Chihei Hatakeyama – Lydia (from Winter Storm)
01:58:21 Talk break

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