I love music.
I live in Salem, MA. I like it.
I’m a Digital Initiatives Librarian (and still trying to figure out what that means).
I like to go to a lot of concerts.
I never go to as many concerts as I want to.
I listen to some pretty crazy music.
I listen to some pretty normal music.

Mission Statement

I love sharing music that’s crazy awesome and/or under-represented. That’s why I started Anti-Gravity Bunny and that’s why I keep it going.

I’ve always tried to maintain both quantity & quality in AGB but it’s a solo operation. I’m just one dude who, sadly, has more on his plate than a stack of records. I’ve chosen to focus on quality content without pressuring myself to keep up with a large quantity. I’m pretty sure this is a refinement everyone can get psyched about.

I’ve created content criteria to give myself some guidelines and so you know what to expect. Posts will fit one or more of the following:
1. It’s so great that I passed out from it’s sheer fucking greatness. Good music is good and all, but there’s too damn much of it. 100% great 100% of the time.
2. It’s from an artist I haven’t already written about. One and done (unless they’re that fucking good. see #1). Once I’ve introduced you, I’ve done my duty as a sharer and now it’s up to you to follow through.
3. It’s a hidden gem. I go crate digging and find some old bizarre LPs. It would be criminal to not pass such rare & unique treasures on to all of you.

I just crave music that’s weird & rad and I know some of you do, too. I do this for free. I do it for love. Sharing is caring.

P.S. Since AGB is all me, I can change the rules whenever I want.

Please support artists you like and throw some $$$ at them. See them live and tell them how fucking great they are. If you support them, they’ll make more stuff for you to enjoy.

This is where I read about, buy, and download music.
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