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AGB Presents: Giles Corey, Planning For Burial, High Aura’d, Ehnahre at PA’s Lounge

In celebration of AGB turning 5 in February, I’m putting on my first show (with a lot of help from John Kolodij because I’ve never done this shit before). So so so fucking psyched for this lineup. It’s gonna be gloomy madness.

Giles Corey, aka Dan Barrett, aka the driving force of Have A Nice Life, aka Enemies List honcho, is gonna be doing a stripped down set of his spectral folk, maybe playing some HANL songs, maybe some new stuff, but 100% guaranteed to be rad as fuck.

Planning For Burial will be doing a drone set, although every time he’s said that it still ended up caving the fuckin roof in. Always bringing some dark shit.

High Aura’d basically had to play this show. He made my second favorite drone record this year and the dude always fucking delivers live.

Ehnahre are the one band I haven’t seen yet but their records are insane, some dreary jazzy avant metal that’s weird as fuck and unlike anything else. Can’t fuckin wait to see these guys.

You are cordially invited to this dark night of exceptional entertainment on Saturday, February 23, 2013, at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. 9:00. $10. That’s assuming the world doesn’t end in a couple weeks. But either way, we win.

And here’s the Facebook event page if you’re into that sort of thing.

We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10

Cave Bears at Weird Stalk, Too

Never ones to fuck around / always on their toes / forever keepin shit interesting, the fine folks at The Whitehaus have stepped up their game with Weirdstock 3. Just as Weirdstock 2 was altered to be called Weird Stalk, Too, the third event shall be officially known as We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10. That “$10” is important because the “Free” part is meant to mean “Three” instead of the cost of the show. Just so you know.

But anyways, the name isn’t the only thing that’s changed. #1 went down over 3 days at the Cambridge YMCA but #2 had to squeezed into an all nighter at The Temple. Now #3 is back at the Y, but alas, it’s only a single night again, from 2:00-10:20 on August 14. Fear not, my friends! There is much craziness to occur, as there are going to be 30 bands playing in a mere 8 hours. Scope the structure of the setlists over the course of the night…

Starting the festivities will be an hour long drone set by The Metal And Glass Ensemble at 2:00. Then from 3:00-4:00, 12 bands will play a fury of back-to-back 5 minute sets. Then from 4:00-5:00, it’ll be 6 bands with 10 minute sets, and 4 bands with 15 minute sets the next hour, then from 6:00 on there will be the usual 20-30 minute sets until they close up shop around 10:00.

Blevin Blectum at Weird Stalk, Too

Now comes the verified lineup! Such awesomeness you will not see anywhere else, guaranteed, because The Whitehaus always brings the ruckus. The out-of-towners are scheduled to be Nautical Almanac, Fat Worm Of Error, Nat Baldwin, Horaflora, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Kurt Weisman, Crank Sturgeon, Unicorns In The Snow, and Solace Media Corporation Tourists, while the reigning Bostonians are Table Radios (Vic Rawlings & Brendan Murray), Preggy Peggy and The Lazy Babymakers, Cotton Candy, Walter Wright, Baby Names, Peace, Loving, FOOM & Illlich, and Supremo Puppet Show.

Fuck yeah, dudes! This is going to be fuckin sweet as hell. Official poster and more bands to be out very soon. Keep an eye on the We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10 site for more details, links, videos, etc.

Sonorium Round 3

Diagram A via

Between the first and second Sonorium, the wait was about a fuckin yeeaaarrrrr. Now, just three months after #2, Andrea & Vanessa have already gotten #3 ready to go and the lineup is as sweet as ever. Still keeping their homebase at The Griffen Theatre in Salem, they’ve gotten a slew of Mass based heroes and weirdos from afar. There’s the indescribable insanity of Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers (duo of Angela Sawyer of the infallible Weirdo Records and James Apt), freaky folk Whitehausers Peace, Loving, and minimal electro-acoustic composer Lou Bunk all out of Boston, then Diagram A comes in from Western Mass to destroy shit in an electronic thunderstorm. Distant out-of-towners are Brooklyn’s HAG (trio of David Grollman, Brad Henkel, & Sean Ali) and Californians Horaflora.

Pretty pumped about this lineup, all the more so because it’s right down the street from me. Still, even if you’re in the Boston area, this is totally worth it to come up. Lots of awesomeness going down on a Saturday night that currently doesn’t have much else goin for it.

May 21, 8:00, $10, 7 Lynde Street, Salem.