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CONTEST: Win Troller’s Graphic

troller giveaway

It’s quite unfortunate that Troller gets tagged as “darkwave” because so many people immediately right off that genre as a whole, or anything -wavey, or even anything remotely derivative. It’s unfortunate because they’re so far from darkwave it’s almost (but not quite) not even worth mentioning. I’m not sure if you remember my review of their self-titled debut from a few years ago, it was quite hyperbolic (surprise!) but it was also 100% true, I fucking love that record so much, still, and can’t get enough of it. Graphic is just as good, if not better, it’s a little less “graveyard hallucination pop” and a little more dreamy goth pop (there’s a difference, I swear), the vocals just as dramatic but a little less angelic, the melodies a little more overt, the ambient interludes a little more developed, and the gloom a little more gloomy, it’s so dark and so heavenly, I just want to fucking die every time I listen to it, thanks mostly to Amber Star-Goers’ majestically heart-melting vocals, but also that hellishly deep bass thrum, it fucking. kills. me.

All in all, it’s currently sitting in the #2 spot of my favorite non-drone, non-metal records of the year. And I want to give you a vinyl copy for free. If you need more convincing at how utterly fucking amazing Troller is, go stream Graphic, then come back and enter this contest.

All you have to do is write a haiku about trolls, goths, graveyards, BDSM, anti-darkwave, angels, etc, and send it to graphichaiku [at] antigravitybunny [dot] com before the end of Sunday, August 28th.

CONTEST: Win Terence Hannum’s Beneath The Remains

beneath the remains


AGB is venturing into new territory here you guys. Well, sort of, or maybe getting back to my roots depending on how far back you look into AGB’s history. This giveaway is for a copy of Terence Hannum’s debut novella, Beneath The Remains. You should all know Hannum already: his solo music is unfuckwithable and he’s a member of the legendary Locrian as well as The Holy Circle. He’s also an incredible visual artist who works primarily with cassette tape as a 2D medium. For real this guy is like #1 jack of all trades, master of all of them.

I just finished reading this book last week. I have, like, negative time for reading, but this was good enough (and short enough, roughly 75 pages) that I blasted through it in just a few days. It’s so fucking can you buy cialis online good. The short synopsis is two young brothers are forced to move to Florida with their mom and new step-dad. The older brother, who hates almost everything except death metal and literature, goes missing. This is teeming with 80s/90s youth culture living alongside the depths of human malice and strangeness. I loved it and I’m pretty sure you will too.

The book is published by Hannum’s newly minted Anathemata Editions and the winner will receive a PDF of the book as well as a physical copy. All of you have to do is write a haiku about your childhood, Florida, death metal, evil, Shakespeare, or whatever, and send it to beneaththehaiku [at] antigravitybunny [dot] com by the end of the week (Friday, June 10th).

CONTEST: Win Jon Mueller’s Tongues

Jon Mueller - Tongues

Jon Mueller’s music is un-fucking-real. Most recently, he headed up the Death Blues project, which celebrated Life and the present. He’s worked with all your favorites (James Plotkin, Asmus Tietchens, Z’ev, Duane Pitre, Rhys Chatham…) and was/is in Volcano Choir, Collections Of Colonies Of Bees, and Pele. And he’s just the coolest fucking drummer. His newest self-released record (well, released by Rhythmplex) takes his hypno-drumming to the next level, with 2 side-long pieces of ritualistic Truth seeking transcendence that combines densely layered droning vocal chants and relentless percussion, music that can’t possibly be contained by time or place, let alone genre, it’s the sound of everyone you’ve ever met gathering together in an attempt to understand their existence.

So, this is another haiku contest. You write a haiku inspired by the record, drumming, speaking in tongues, truth, transcendence, life, etc, and you send it to drummingintongues |at| antigravitybunny |dot| com by the end of the weekend (Sunday, May 22). The winning haiku will be revealed next week.

Watch a video here, buy it here, and catch up on Mueller’s back catalog here.

CONTEST: Win Braeyden Jae’s Fog Mirror

braeyden jae - fog mirror giveaway
You need this. And you can have this. SLC’s Braeyden Jae has been doing his thing for at least as long as AGB has been around, if not longer, and if you’ve been following this site for a while, hopefully you’d recognize his name (Braden J. McKenna) or any of his numerous alias/groups (WYLD WYZRDZ, Navigator, Weighted Pines, Mario Kart, Sleepover…), but regardless of your familiarity with this musical prodigy, this is what you need to know:

Fog Mirror is Braeyden Jae’s debut vinyl outing, and it’s the first release on the newly minted Whited Sepulchre Records (set up by Tome To The Weather Machine’s Ryan Hall, who also runs that charity label Heligator that I just highlighted on AGB Radio) and holy mother of god is it amazing, definitely a Drone Of The Year contender, Braeyden doing everything he can to win me over, stellar misty ambience with lulled piano and warm subtle washes of bliss, gauzy guitars reeling in the clouds, muted static numbing your thoughts, a low volume noise that gives you nothing but the most peaceful embrace, absolutely fucking beautiful.

So winning this is easy, just like the last contest, I want you to write a haiku inspired by fog, or wizards, or Mario Kart, or sepulchres, or whatever, you get the idea, something sorta related to this. You write that haiku, and you email it to foghaiku[at]antigravitybunny[dot]com easy peasy. Submissions will be taken until the end of Sunday, May 1.

You can stream the whole thing on Bandcamp, and if you don’t win, I highly suggest picking up a copy anyway because like I said this is fucking perfect.

CONTEST WINNER: Gates’ Palace Of Mirrors

gates logo

Got lots of great submissions (thank you!!) to win a vinyl copy of Palace Of Mirrors by Gates, but only one hit it out of the park. Revel in Bronson Wistuk’s haiku winning prowess.


Tundra caving in
No fire, no light, smoke billows
Windows kept open


There was another that definitely deserves runner-up status, which is Christian Molenaar’s that follows the 5-7-5 pattern in both English and Japanese, which I kind of just have to take his word on, but whatever, it’s also just a fucking great haiku.

最終しぐれ (Saishū shigure)
冬の雨, 不老 (Fuyu no ame, furō)
バニー土産 (Bunny miyage)

The last cold shower
The rain in winter, ageless
A gift from Bunny

CONTEST: Win Gates’ Palace Of Mirrors

gates - palace of mirrors contest

See that up there? That could be yours. Palace Of Mirrors by Gates on sweet sweet purple mist vinyl, limited to 100 copies, fresh off the press. This monolith was my sixth favorite metal record of 2015, although it almost made it onto the drone list instead of the metal list, because that’s how Gates rolls. This record is out-fucking-standing. Mega droned doom of the highest order. Stream the whole thing here if you want a taste.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to win this thing. Write a haiku, preferably inspired in some way by Gates, or Palace Of Mirrors, or doom drone, or something, you get the idea. Send that haiku to palaceofhaikus [at] antigravitybunny [dotcom] before the end of next Friday (March 11). That’s it. Have fun.

In case you don’t win, here’s a link to buy a copy for yourself, which you should absolutely do.

Also, to preempt any grammar jerks, I’m well aware the plural of haiku doesn’t have an “s” but it just worked better that way for hopefully obvious reasons.

CONTEST: Win Gareth Flowers & Josh Mason’s Silent Period

gareth flowers and josh mason - silent period album cover
Giveaway time! I’ve got one sweet sealed copy of the stellar Silent Period by Gareth Flowers & Josh Mason on vinyl that needs a new home. I reviewed it the other day, and if you don’t remember, it was a bit of a concept album, with an anonymous dude going through these four songs/stages: “The Awareness,” “The Confusion,” “The Fear,” and “The Resignation,” in that order.

The contest is easy. I want you to come up with another phrase that fits in with those four. It could come before The Awareness (ex: The Silence), between The Confusion and The Fear (ex: The Anger), whatever. Go crazy.

Send your entries to enjoythesilence [at] antigravitybunny [dotcom] by Monday, January 19th at midnight. I’ll pick my favorite sometime next week.

If you don’t win, the record officially drops Tuesday the 20th so you should just go grab one for yourself at Sunshine Ltd. Only 250 copies though so don’t slack off.


hell - iii album cover contest

Hell’s epic trilogy has sadly come to an end, but holy motherfuck what an end it is. III is pretty much everything you’d want in a doom record, mournful guitars bookending both side long pieces of pure devastation, a bleak blackened fury, nightmarish and fucking massive.

The record got the usual luxe treatment from Pesanta Urfolk, nice thick black/blood red vinyl with a large buy cheap cialis usa visa fold-out poster and an insert. Only 472 copies made and already sold out from both the band and the label. The whole thing is streaming on Hell’s Bandcamp, so feel free to scope it out before entering the contest.

To enter, just send an email to by the end of Friday. If you win, you’ll be the gloomiest kid in town.

CONTEST: Win Rorcal’s Világvége On Vinyl

rorcal - vilagvege contest
Rorcal’s Világvége is so fucking amazing, I need to make sure at least one of you guys has a copy. So I’m gonna give one away.

WIN IT: Show me your best bunny. Cute ones, disapproving ones, big ones, tiny ones, floppy ones, sassy ones… draw it, find a picture, take a picture, I don’t care, just give me bunnies. Comment on this post with a link to the bunny image of your choosing before Sunday, 4/14, at midnight/11:59 pm, and you might win a copy of the best metal record this year.

RULES: Multiple submissions are welcome & encouraged but probably won’t increase your chances of winning. Who knows, though.

Gifs are great, videos are not.

If you find a great bunny online, you get extra points if I haven’t seen it before (heads up, I’ve seen a lot of bunnies in my internetting).

No real-life sad bunnies. Fake sad bunnies (like this guy) are totally ok.

Make sure when commenting you use an email I can contact you at if you win. Don’t worry, it won’t be published with your comment.
And just fyi, Világvége‘s jacket & sleeve have a slight crease in one of the corners (it arrived that way). It could probably get flattened out over time, though. Just some minor cosmetic stuff that I felt you should know about.

Show me some good bunnies yall.

Jenks Miller & Nicholas Szczepanik Contest Winner

Through my rigorous & multi-tiered selection process, I have randomly selected a winner out of the pool of zillions of contestants for this glorious Jenks Miller & Nicholas Szczepanik collaborative CD. Since you all were just telling me your opinions, I couldn’t really pick a favorite like I did with the Mamaleek haiku contest. However, as luck would have it, the winner’s favorite Nicholas Szczepanik piece was also my favorite. A-N-D the winner is none other than the exceedingly awesome Joseph Davenport of Millipede fame, who’s got a new album Realms due out soon mastered by Lasse Marhaug!! Here’s what Davenport had to say:

“I’m pretty into Nicholas’ new record Please Stop Loving Me. Further proof that he’s getting better as he goes along. And what musician doesn’t desire to achieve that?”

So, congrats to Joseph for winning this hot piece of noise drone. There were a few others that had some nice things to say about Szczepanik & Miller, though, so I figured might as well share!

Blake Conley, of the band Brother Ares, is a big fan of Jenks Miller’s The Invisible Mountain. “i really enjoy invisible mountain. the weird mix of dylan carlson esque telecaster twang combined w/ some of the best loping, head nodding minimalist basslines, circular tribal drumming and black metal vocals buried just enough in the mix as to not kill the groove really speaks to me and have been inspiring my guitar thought process.”

And then Michael Britten, half of the Music Ruins Lives crew, had a ton of insightful things to say about Szczepanik’s Dear Dad. “Szczepanik’s “Dear Dad” stands out to me in his body of work primarily because it was my first exposure to the artist, but also on account of what the release signifies: an overtly biographical piece in a genre not best known for its exposition. It is always interesting to be able to view art in the context of what forces it is in response to, and with “Dear Dad”, the listener is very much able to inhabit the (assumed) relationship between Nicholas Szczpanik and his father; the cycle of moods presented make me wonder if “Dear Dad” exists explicitly because Szcepanik could muster no other way to approach his feelings outside of his craft. Or maybe the dormant practitioner of literary criticism in me could also just be jumping at the chance to heavy-handedly seek mimesis and catharsis within the authorial intent of the work, who knows.”

Now, if you entered the contest and didn’t win, keep in mind that Small Doses is on their way to giving American Gothic the vinyl treatment very soon. And I would HIGHLY recommend picking this up on some sweet wax because it’s just SO. FUCKING. GOOD.

CONTEST: Jenks Miller & Nicholas Szczepanik CD Giveaway

I got an extra copy of the amazingly amazing Jenks Miller & Nicholas Szczepanik collaboration American Gothic. And even though this is awesome enough to own two copies of, I think that’s a little stingy. Sharing is caring! So I’m having a contest that’s way less elaborate than the Mamaleek one and requires almost no effort on your part.

Just shoot me an email at justin [at] antigravitybunny [dot] com with the subject line “American Gothic Contest” and tell me what your favorite song/side/album/installation/whatever is of either Nicholas Szczepanik or Jenks Miller/Horseback. If there’s a reason or a story behind why you love it so, feel free to share. Submit your response by Sunday night, or more appropriately, before I wake up Monday morning, and you might win a copy of that glorious CD, still sealed in its protective plasticity. The winner will be announced sometime next week.

Go forth, and spread the Miller/Szczepanik love!

Mamaleek Haiku Contest Winner

Sorry I can’t do a grand suspenseful reveal or anything because of that image up there. PATRICK LOY IS THE WINNER! He wins. He is an excellent haiku writer. He is in tune with the Enemies List. He is soon to be the proud owner of Mamaleek’s Kurdaitcha on glorious EL vinyl. Way to fucking go! You should not hate Patrick because he beat you, you should be his friend because he is awesome. And you should also go buy a copy of Kurdaitcha because now you’re fucking missing out. Or go hang out with Patrick and listen to his copy.

I gotta say, you guys are some fucking quality haiku writers. SO many killer haikus. It was insanely difficult picking just one to be “the one.” And it feels wrong to withhold from you the wondrous poems that I got to read, so I’ll share some others that were on the brink of win.

Bass drum pounds our skulls.
Drones wash on, hands touch heavens.
“We wish we were dead.”

-Sam Finer
(If I had to pick a second place, this was probably it. Almost won me over with the excellent choice of lyrics and having a similar haiku style as me.)

It is Krampus Kore:
Scraping your buy cialis las vegas ears like old sticks,
Belching out soul dust.

-Andy Freeburg
(got extra points for including this photo of the Kramps)

When business taints art
Deliver me, sound from blood
Industry killing

-Lukas McCutcheon
(totally nailed some of the EL ideas for me)

i should win your game
because i will then wait for
black metal mailed

-Ed Blair
(I wanted to make Ed wait for black metal records in the mail so bad)

And then there was top notch linguist Mr. Kestigian (of America Addio fame and participant in the HANL live experience) who has one of the best Twitter accounts ever. I was tempted to rule him out because of his association with EL but decided that was unfair (I never stipulated any such restrictions). He submitted a bunch of haikus and they were all fantastic. Here’s a sampling…

Old man chained to chair.
Long beard, nude, taut, tumescent.
Room filling with sand.

I like afrobeat.
what if we add black metal
oh. its black metal

chubby ole bulldog
hangin out at band practice.
wheezing but aroused

I fucking love that bulldog one. Fucking brilliant.

I’m truly honored so many of you entered the contest. Wasn’t quite expecting that much of an audience. Clearly you all enjoyed it, so I’m thinking this won’t be the last AGB giveaway. What say ye?

CONTEST: Mamaleek Vinyl Giveaway

image via EL blog

MamaleekWake Up, Jacob

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY. Kind psyched about that. Always thought about doing it but never had something good enough to give away. So when I accidentally pre-ordered two copies of Mamaleek’s Kurdaitcha, I figured if I was dumb enough to not notice I paid for two, then I wouldn’t miss the money that much. So I said “Fuck the refund, give it away to your awesome readers.” You benefit from my stupidity.

Here’s what’s at stake: One copy of Mamaleek’s brand new, just released by Enemies List, hot off the vinyl presses Kurdaitcha. It’s got some sweet ass gold foil stamping on the front for their logo, it has a full color insert, and the record itself weighs about 10 pounds. Fucking heavyWEIGHT. There were only 150 of these motherfuckers made. Super deluxe stuff coming from Enemies List. And the music on here is fucking INCREDIBLE. I already reviewed it (as well as Mamaleek’s self titled debut), so if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know this shit is for real. Crazy fucking black metal with worldly twisted sounds running through, made by 2 mysterious San Franciscans. It’s beautiful & destructive and totally fucking awesome.

So, how do you go about winning one of these glorious records? Pretty simple. I’m a fan of the haiku, so I want you to write one about Enemies List. I figured not everyone knows about the amazing Mamaleek yet, so it might be hard to write a Mamaleek haiku. But Enemies List is literally THEE greatest record label right now (well, maybe tied with Important) and everyone should fucking worship them. So write an ode to EL in haiku form and email it to me by next Tuesday, May 10 at 6:00 (EST) at justin [at] antigravitybunny [dot] com with the subject “Mamaleek Contest.” I’ll pick my favorite and share it with you dear readers (and maybe some runners up if they’re good enough).

Think you can handle that? I know, the awesomeness is overwhelming. If you need a tip, chill out, grab a pot of coffee, and let the caffeine write the haiku for you. And if you don’t win, fear not, I’ll still think you’re cool, and there’s still a few Kurdaitcha copies left that you should buy.