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Concert Review

Neptune, The Skull Defekts & Daniel Higgs, Zomes at Great Scott

Zomes: two overturned buckets acting as chair & synth stand, drum machine beats from dingy basement, sweeping lo-fi organ loops, ultimate in gritty hypnosis

The Skull Defekts & Daniel Higgs: cosmic religion sweat, in your face rhythms for fucking & rocking, bust it out, dig in

Neptune: industrial electronic skree beats, dark & stormy brooding chaos, acid spew, grinding rust


The Skull Defekts & Daniel Higgs

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Concert Review

Barn Owl, MV & EE, The Body, High Aura’d at PA’s Lounge

High Aura’d: blissful oceanic guitar drone, shimmering watertops, glowing majestic heart, layers & layers of washing euphoria

The Body: the most massively evil live band I’ve seen since Portal, body destroying doom metal noise, the dude sang without a mic and I was still able to hear him, absolute fucking brutality

MV & EE: delicate & lush drugged out psych folk, twisted colors, daisy dreams float in the breeze, hazy fogged fields, electrified banjo-turned-sitar shredding

Barn Owl: sounded like this, except a hundred thousand times better because it was live and fucking unbelievably epic

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High Aura’dHigh Aura'd

The BodyThe Body
The Body


Barn OwlBarn Owl
Barn Owl
Barn Owl
Barn Owl