Album Review

Formication – The Eyes Of Erodern Reviema (Small Doses, 2011)

FormicationNightly Instructions From The Cracked Telephone (Small Doses)

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The opening track is a ballad of disgust that cyborgs spew at their enslaved humans. The rest of the album is the celebratory minimal techno dance party for a job well done. Gritty bass & glitchy beats smothered by a blackened ambient, with urgent, haunted drones and a swarm of clicks & trills. This isn’t music that you or I dance to, it’s strictly for the hardcore neo-machines who cut off their oil supply so they can get that potent, more natural high. Absolutely killer fucking jams on here. These dudes are brilliantly mixing sub-genres resulting in a wholly realized vision that is The Eyes OF Erodern Reviema. If any part of your inner self digs beats at ALL, you owe it to yourself to check out this cold hearted beast. Plus, the limited CD version comes with an extra insert & disc of remixes, including one from Locrian. Doesn’t get much better than that.